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Table Of Content
  • Introduction
  • Top Robotic Trends 2020
    1. Robotic Automation
    2. Collaborative Robots
    3. Drones
    4. Cloud Robotics
    5. Medical Robots
    6. Intelligent Robots
    7. Robots get smarter
    8. Robots Go Digital
  • Final Thoughts


Recent Trends in Robotics: Over the past few years, we saw the world robotics to expand continuously. As the robots are the emerging topics in today's IT world, and it is very exciting to see the field of robotics takes shape. In fact, we are living in a futuristic world as robots appear to be taking over the jobs. At 2019 saw the beginning of robots in our daily lives and the major things are going to get more interesting in 2020.

Recent Trends in Robotics

  • Robotic Automation
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Drones
  • Cloud Robotics
  • Medical Robots
  • Intelligent Robots
  • Robots Get Smarter
  • Robots Go Digital

Robotic Automation

In general, automated robots are the best choice which is useful for enhancing the efficiency of manufacturing processes, modern supply chain and warehousing operations. In fact, beginning concerns over the lost jobs due to increased automation and it seems next generation robotics increase productivity. According to recent research, the rapid growth of robotic automation is responsible for upticks in efficiency and also productivity.

Collaborative Robots

As a matter of fact, collaborative robots also known as cobots. These cobots will helps to get a lot of traction in manufacturing sector. Instead of replacing current employees, these cobots can work along with their human counterparts to strengthen the productivity and also increased efficiency. At the same time, many applications including cobots are seen in manufacturing, they have relevant uses in other industries. As well as the potential uses involves tasks in consumer packaging, food preparation, healthcare and so on.


To determine, interest in aerial drones is an increasing. According to recent research, the drone market can explode from $2 billion in 2016 to more than $125 billion by 2020. This trend is used in many areas of manufacturing. Not only can they transport raw materials and finished parts from one area to next. Also they monitor productive lines, assess quality and count inventory. It helps to reduce human workers for more meaningful jobs throughout the facility.

Cloud Robotics

Robotic course for beginners are not necessarily for a singular purpose. With the help of IoT and cloud technology, this hardware can connect to another machines both inside the remotely and same facility, and to learn new functionality, perform maintenance and verify functionality. Further, the upcoming generation of automated workers are well trainable for several tasks and assignments around the factory or warehouse floor.

Robot as a Service

As a matter of fact, the growth in robot as a service will expect to take off in 2018 and it is continue for several years. According to recent research, it shows that RaaS sector to comprise 35 percent of the global robotics market by 2020. Further, the concept of RaaS is simple. In fact, these machines are likened to temporary or pay-as-you-go employees. Their functionality is highly specialized, focused and also limited.

Customizable Robots

While costs remain the most prohibitive factors to full-scale implementation of next generation automated systems. It’s clear manufacturers require to manage and customize their hardware also. Major companies explore the topic of modular robots to accommodate the need for customizable robots and latest IoT trends.

Robot Application Stores

In general, smartphones and next generation personal computers have app stores for the latest software utilities. But this robotics trend will carry over to robotics. In fact, it is a natural transition with the level of customizability expected from future robotics and one which will let manufacturers achieve their exact goals through the next generation automation.

Medical Robots

Manufacturers are focusing on enhancing robots which can carry out medical procedures and surgeries along with best accuracy, precision and intricacy. Robotic surgeries are a basic step forward in the public health sector. In fact, patients and doctors have been in search for less invasive surgeries for centuries. In final, this will become a reality.

Intelligent Robots

Increases in computing power and also the data that have artificial intelligence to enhance at light speeds. Robots can undertake atleast more human tasks based on some reports. In fact, they will good at reading, listening, speaking and also recording human emotions. With the help of such precision, the intelligent robots can no require human intervention for learning. And, it can perform more sophisticated tasks. Therefore the use of artificial intelligence is common all around us in the form of robot vacuums, self driving cars and video games etc.

Robots Get Smarter

Programming robots and installation robots become very simpler. When digital sensors combined with smart software which helps to allow direct teaching methods, known as "Programming by Demonstration". Furthermore, the major task of the robot arm can perform is executed by a human. Machine learning tools and technologies can allow robots to learn by trial-and-error. Or else, by video demo and self-optimize their movements in future.

Robots Go Digital

In that case, industrial robots are the major central parts of digital and networked production as used in industry 4.0. Therefore, this makes it all the important for them to be able to communicate with each other - regardless of the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, the manufacturing of robotics career which has been increasing rapidly and steadily for some decades. This means, it is a key trend for many years, one with the possibility to change the future of manufacturing in several and unexpected ways.

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