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Robotics with Raspberry PI

Robotics Using Raspberry pi


Robotics Raspberry Pi: Robotics projects require using certain resources that support multiple running programs at once. Whether the running of various programs simultaneously is required or not is also dependent on the number of tasks that we expect the robot to do.

In this course, learn how to build robotics with the helps of Raspberry Pi Course. Thus, before we pass a verdict on whether Arduino or Raspberry Pi is better for a better for a particular robotics project. However, if you are planning on designing a Raspberry Pi robot, these are the most creative projects that you can reach right now. Yes, you have to see these projects briefs using your creativity to inspire your next project.

The Applicant, after boosting the knowledge of Robotics with Raspberry Pi, will be able to well work on Embedded Systems Course. Our certification course and training by the expect members help to develop your developing skills with experienced trainers.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with Robotics Using Raspberry pi

  • In the field of robotics which keeps developing and requires to develop knowledge and skill
  • Raspberry Pi is the major concept in embedded system development and it makes very fast
  • Demand for robotics engineers is rising. Lot of opportunities for professionals in this field
  • Several industries are taking to automation, driving demand for machine learning and artificial intelligence professionals

Course Outline


Months Course

1Robotics with Raspberry pi
  1. Introduction of Raspberry Pi 3
  2. Python Programming
  3. Learning with Python
  4. Raspberry Pi 3 Programming
  5. Build Raspberry Pi Robot
  6. Build Raspberry Pi Robot with video streaming
  7. Build Surveillance Robot
  8. Customize Raspberry Pi Robot

Pre-Requirement Skills

Python Basics