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Workshops and Industrial Visit

Need for a Workshop?
       Within the short period of time, a workshop provides a way to create an intensive educational experience. A workshop can introduce a new concept, prompting participants to investigate it on their own, or it can demonstrate and encourage the use of actual methods.
      It's an excellent way to teach hands-on skills because it allows participants to experiment with new methods and fail in a safe environment. Failure is the best teacher, and in this case, failure comes at no cost. Simultaneously, feedback from both the presenter and peers in the group assists a participant in understanding what can they do to avoid failure in a real-life situation.

About Industrial Visit:
      Colleges arrange industrial visits for students with the goal of providing students with practical experience in various sectors such as IT, manufacturing and services, finance, and marketing. A visit to an industrial site aids in the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are exposed to industrial realities through industrial visits. Industrial visits are regarded as one of the tactical methods of instruction. The main reason for this is that it allows students to learn things in a practical way through interaction, working methods, and employment practises.
      The Workshop and Seminar program at the Elysium Embedded School brings together faculty from across various University to develop innovative academic programming across a wide range of disciplines. Workshops and seminars launch or expand new scholarly and research endeavors for faculty and students, while the Industrial Visit (IV) focuses on preparing the participants to learn about the day-to-day workings of a particular industry and understand its operational issues. The programme also helps keep students abreast with the current management practices followed by such organizations and acquire traits that the industry demands of them. The workshops and industrial visits provides hands-on training and live demo on industrial workouts to the students for their better understanding on their subject. The benefitted students can build their flawless career with thier workshop and industrial visit knowledge. The industry could identify such talents easily