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Robotic Course

Robotics is the technology used to design and develop robots. A robot is a machine that programmed to perform some action for reducing human works. It resembles a human by their appearance, behaviours, intelligence by AI, etc. Robotics is the emerging technology in the world. Robotic Course is a vital thing for the next generation.

Why Robotic course?

Now, The Industries have been developed an upgraded version. Students have to prepare themselves relevant to the upgradation. In the future, books will not be the priority component for learning. Education needs for the next generation is also demanding for various skilla. The future will become the robotic world. So, every student need to learn robotic course. As well as, Embedded School is the Best Embedded Training Institute in India. We offer the Best Robotic Course and exciting IoT Courses for the student

Students who study robotic course will learn about computer graphics, gadgetry, mobile robot programming, robotic motion methods, mathematical algorithms, the social implications of technology, and much more. Graduates will gain skills in mathematical thinking and artistic vision, and some specific scientific methods. In addition, robotic course will train specialists in technology design, programming, machine repair and installation, etc. Our Robotic course careers span a wide range of disciplines, from medicine to engineering and information technology. However, Our robotic course graduates are typically employed as laboratory assistants, testing technicians, quality assurance personnel, systems controllers, programmers or researchers.

Robotic course Jobs

Our robotic course might open you the doors in the areas like, Humanoid robot programming and engineering, construction, deployment, healthcare, automate management, and maintenance, are all viable career paths in the field of industrial robotics. As a result, the sydnets could get numerous full-time positions including Robotics Specialist, Robotics Technician, Mobile Robotics Application Engineer, Robotics Application Engineer, and Lead Robotics Software Engineer, etc. While there are many positions available in the exciting new era of robotics development and innovation, there are high demand for specialists who can maintain the millions of robotic machines already that are in use worldwide. Almost all positions require advanced degrees or specialisations in math and computer science, and an internship will put you leading in the race when looking for your first job.

Some of our Robotic course

AVR in Embedded Systems

The Embedded System with AVR robotic course is intended to improve all Robotics Enthusiasts' industrial level skill set. The goal of this robotic course program is to:

  • Introduce the AVR microcontroller's outline architecture, including the fundamentals of pipelines, registers, exception modes, and so on.
  • How to configure and personalise a microcontroller development environment.
  • Provide an overview of system peripherals, including bus structure, memory map, register programming, and other topics.
  • How to write programmes that communicate with other devices

ARM Embedded System

Embedded System with ARM robotic course is the most recent industry-standard curriculum, which will assist the learner in landing a job. The robotic course curriculum is intended to provide comprehensive knowledge of Technology. All the modules are covered through practical hands-on component.

PIC Embedded System

Microchip Technology manufactures PIC Microcontrollers. PICs (Programmable Interface Controllers) are processors with RAM and memory built-in. This robotic course has been designed to create a variety of industrial robotics applications. Through this Embedded Systems with PIC robotic course you could learn the fundamentals of the PIC microcontroller, including pin descriptions, interfacing, and programming. All program modules are covered through practical hands-on sessions.

Arduino Embedded System

Arduino Embedded System robotic course is intended to improve all Robotics Enthusiasts' industrial level skill set. The content provides a practical introduction to the sophisticated system design process. This robotic course will cover the fundamentals of embedded system architecture and programming. In addition, this robotic course will provide a detailed overview of designing an embedded computing platform using a modular approach. Regular lab exercises based on topics covered in regular classes offer in-depth exposure to hardware and software design. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of the concept like the computers and programming.