Robotics Course - Advanced Level 1

Robotics Course and Certification

Robotics Course : Advanced Level 1


Robotics  Course : Advanced Level 1

A Journey Into the Future

Introduction: Robotics, a field that seamlessly blends science, engineering, and technology, is rapidly evolving and reshaping the world around us. As we move into more advanced stages of robotics, "Robotics Advanced Level 1" emerges as a crucial stepping stone for enthusiasts and professionals alike, eager to delve deeper into this fascinating world.

Understanding Robotics Course Advanced Level 1: Robotics Advanced Level 1 is designed for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to explore more complex and sophisticated aspects of robotics. This level is about bridging the gap between foundational knowledge and more advanced concepts, setting the stage for innovative creation and problem-solving in robotics.

Key Components of Robotics Course Advanced Level 1 :

  1. Advanced Programming: Delve into more complex programming languages like Python, C++, and ROS (Robot Operating System), essential for sophisticated robot control and automation.
  2. Sensor Integration: Learn how to incorporate various sensors (like lidars, sonars, and cameras) into robots to enhance their perception and interaction with the environment.
  3. Control Systems: Explore advanced control systems like PID controllers, and learn how to manage a robot’s movement and responses with greater precision.
  4. Robot Kinematics and Dynamics: Understand the mathematical and physical principles governing robot movement, essential for designing and controlling robots.
  5. Artificial Intelligence in Robotics: Introduction to AI techniques in robotics, such as machine learning and neural networks, for creating autonomous and intelligent robots.
  6. Robotics Software Frameworks: Gain proficiency in using frameworks like ROS, which provides tools and libraries to develop complex robotic applications.


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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with Advanced level – I

  • Robotics career has been rewarding, it will give your career in technology-driven industry and it ensures human life
  • It will encourage you towards the growth of your interpersonal skill and inventing new technology for the betterment of the society
  • In today’s industries, Robotics field is helping the functionality of engineering to a far greater range
  • Robotic engineering has a wide-ranging opportunity in future prospects which benefits the young generation to select Robotics as a career

Course Outline


Months Course

1Robotics Advanced Level I
  1. Introduction to Robotics field
  2. Main Components of Robots
  3. Introduction to Arduino Board and Driver Installation
  4. Getting started with Arduino Programs
  5. Conditional Statements
  6. PWM Concepts
  7. Motor driver L293D IC concept
  8. Assembling of Robot
  9. IR Sensor Concept
  10. Line follower concept
  11. Obstacle Avoider concept
  12. Obstacle Follower concept
  13. Pit Avoider concept

Pre-Requirement Skills

Basic C