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General Questions

1Tell me about the services of EES for colleges/universities?
EES has planned an initiative to bring the certification courses and exams to the Universities and Colleges at an affordable price.
2I have received no reply from you. Why?
The most probable reason is that our email landed in your spam folder. Please check your mailbox again and browse through your spam folder. If you contacted us via contact form and have not received any reply within 48 hours, please contact us directly at or call us at (91) 96777 61440 during the business hours.
3Why do I get certified?

First of all, we must remember that learning is a process and you should do everything that is possible to make this process easy, uninterrupted and systematic. When you prepare for a certification exam, you do it much better and more intense. A certification exam has a vital positive influence on your educational process. Secondly, having a certificate makes your position on the labor market much stronger. The certificates act as an indicator of expertise and excellent leverage while seeking promotions. The certificates depict about the knowledge and skills of the students to the employers and raise the confidence levels of the learners to perform a specific job. The Certificates along with their associated preparation activities, are a great way to sharpen the existing skills and take the learners to the next level. In addition, many students utilize the certificates as a reskill tool to expand potential career paths on today's ever-shifting economic landscape. Your skills are as important as your experience. If you are a beginning programmer with no experience, you have to show your skills. A certificate is most suitable for this purpose. If you already have a job in the industry – things are straight away easier for you.

4Are the certificates issued in a digital form or hard copy?
Both. Online certificates are usually issued within 7 days of passing the exam. The hard copy of the certificate is usually issued within 30 days of passing the exam.
5What is the most efficient way to use my time during a certification exam?
Individuals vary in their approaches to test taking, so there is no one approach that works for everyone. However, these tips help most candidates,
1. Use all of the time allowed for the entire exam.
2. Answer the questions you know first. If you are unsure of a question, mark it for review, and return to it later.
6When will I get my certificate?
After the successful completion of the course, you can receive the Elysium Course Completion Certificate. In further, we promote you to appear for the Certification Exams conducted by the Course Provider such as RedHat, Microsoft, IBM, etc., to mold you as a certified professional.
7How to update my email address in my account?
Our customer support team will be glad to assist you for updating the email address on your account. Please contact our customer support team at or call us at (91) 96777 61440 during the business hours.


1Tell me about the courses offered from the Elysium Embedded School?
Elysium Embedded School offers crash courses such as Big Data, Cloud computing and Android, Mock up courses such as Java networking, Java Image processing and Java DataMining, and professional courses certified by Cisco, RedHat, CEH, IBM and Microsoft corporation.
2How Do I register for the courses?
You can register through online at, or in person.
3I’m not exactly sure which course will be right for me, can you help me?
Yes, we are glad to assist you in the selection of the right course for you. Send your queries to the
4What is the employment value of CEH?
CEH is primarily targeted at security professionals who want to acquire a well-rounded body of knowledge to have better opportunities in this field. Acquiring a CEH means the candidate has minimum baseline knowledge of security threats, risks and countermeasures. Organizations can rest assured that they have a candidate who is more than a systems administrator, a security auditor, a hacking tool analyst or a vulnerability tester. The candidate is assured of having both business and technical knowledge.
5What is my next level after CEH?
Congratulations on becoming a CEH. You have joined an elite group of professionals around the world. Your next level is to become a Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT).
6How do I verify my RedHat certificate?
Enter the Red Hat certificate number in the verification form and get an immediate verification of the certificate.
7How long do IBM certifications last?
Certifications themselves never expire, However, they are replaced by later versions that are more up-to-date with the current status of the target subject area. Consequently, IBM requires that people re-certify to these latest versions as technological advances warrant.
8Does the IBM Professional Certification Program provide benefits to individuals certified?
Individuals achieving certification will receive recognition of their achievements through the use of their certification designation/title.

Payment FAQ

1How much does it cost to join a course in the EES?
Our Fee for the certification courses are comparatively lower than the current market price. Course Fee varies by the certification programs. Visit us online at to get the updated fee details for the courses or please contact our helpdesk personnel at to know more details about the course fee. You can also reach us at (91) 96777 61440 for more fee details.
2Can I get discounts on the course Fee?
EES reserves the rights at its sole discretion to decide the fee and discounts for each certification course. We can offer discounts to the students only when we feel it is required, as per our pricing plans.
3Do you provide installments for the fee?
Yes. We have a feasible installment schedule to pay the course fee.
4Do you refund the fee?
No. Fee shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
5Do you charge extra for the reference books?
Yes. Students should pay for the reference books relevant to the certification courses, excluding the course fee.
6Explain about the payment methods?
Students can pay the course fee directly at Elysium Embedded School, 227-230, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Church Road, Annanagar, Madurai-20. Tamilnadu.
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