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RTOS Training Course


A Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is an operating system that guarantees a specific capability within a specified time constraint. Processing time requirements are measured in tenths of seconds or shorter increments of time.

A real-time system is a time-bound system has well defined fixed time constraints. Processing must be done within the specified constraints, or the system will fail. They either are event-driven or time-sharing. Event-driven systems switch between tasks based on their priorities while time-sharing system switch the task based on clock interrupts.

The candidate, after gaining knowledge of about the Linux course, will able to well work in embedded system. Our RTOS Training course provided by the expert members helps to improve skills to develop with expert trainers.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with RTOS

  • Specialize in particular network operating systems such as Windows, NetWare, Linux, and Solaris
  • This path leads to work in an IT department in a medium-sized or larger organization
  • This course focus on the learn-by-doing approach with many examples and real-world programming projects
  • Helps to optimize your investment in the premier RTOS for deeply embedded systems

Course Outline


Months Course

  1. Introduction to RTOS –Overview
  2. Real-Time Operating Systems Architecture
  3. Introducing to Tasks handling
  4. Events and Inter task Communication
  5. Task Conflicts
  6. Introducing ISR

Pre-Requirement Skills

Linux Basics

How Will You Learn

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RTOS training, Normally, every one of us has a basic knowledge on desktop handling. In
addition, if you wish to go beyond the basic level, then try to do an Embedded Linux Internals training. Definitely, it will guide you with the latest updations in this criteria. Elysium Embedded School RTOS Training provides you with the Embedded RTOS Courses Certification Training on advanced visual analytics.

Why to choose RTOS Courses Certification ?

To explain, Embedded Real Time Operating System training teaches you the techniques in analysing,connecting data and creating views. It provides you knowledge on data visualization tools. Henceforth, pick Linux for a better start up for you profession. Furthermore it is an upcoming technology which is going to be a trend in Business intelligence. Thus getting trained from a reputed institute will help you to achieve a great position in your firm at top positions.

How this Embedded RTOS Training supports you?

In fact, there is still a great scope in IT industry. It also guarantees job
assurance. Moreover you will get to know right from basic level towards the
advanced level. Embedded programming  is a worth learning course now. By the end of training, you will become an expert in embedded industry. Without delay, get into this valuable course and choose it as your career option.

Linux training course is well-suitable for candidates those who want to learn about various Development boards training and embedded systems. In fact, it is the most popular server used in embedded systems. RTOS training is designed to understand the complexity of designing in embedded applications

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