Future Of Arduino | Awesome Ways Arduino Can Change The World 2020
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February 20, 2020
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Recent Trends In Robotics
Top Robotic Trends 2020 You Need to Know
February 20, 2020
Challenges Facing The Internet Of Things
Recent Security Challenges Facing the Internet of Things
March 5, 2020

Awesome Ways Arduino Can Change the World 2020


Future of Arduino: Arduino is an open-source electronic platform design to make electronics to create attractive objects and environments. To read sensors, control motors and light. Programs upload to interact with the things in the real world. For Eg, you can also read the sensors connect in the plant, and you can proceed with automating water system. Arduino board specially programmed circuit program using Arduino Programming. A significant advantage, since it is open-source it has a great community of people, serial communication is simple.USB connecting with a modern computer is convenient.

What's Next for Arduino?

The Ease Of Arduino

Arduino is the correct choice for implementing various projects instead of using Arduino IDE and accessing it to the community with a vast array of software libraries. There is the number of non-official ones estimate as Arduino compatible. It incorporates extra hardware to boards using different architecture it maintains header and finds direct clones. Arduino welcomes variant boards for bringing additional features to the projects.

The Chairman Of The Board

The history behind the Arduino and few ideas of ecosystems you must know, which board you have to prefer among the various board, importantly what you can do with Arduino board?. The Arduino name from a generic title. The microcontroller has been upgrading to ATmega 168, ATmega328 it gives more storage capacity, but widely the same functions maintained from early Arduino to latest USB Arduino Uno.

If you are new to the Arduino hardware, you must prefer this board since it is most supportive. It is more versatile since CPU can be removed, replace to a breadboard and even to other projects. There is a number of the official board with special functions, beneficial for CNC projects.

Getting Sensitive

Temperature sensors most readily available and can easily interface so many people prefer Arduino thermometers and thermostats. A measurement project using a thermometer is useless without a display device.you can find more Arduino projects featuring with LCD displays.

Tiny USB Support In Arduino Core

Arduino low-level hardware support, but recently new hardware cores keep it compatible. Tiny USB is a host device for embedded systems. In addition, it allows developers to insert USB support with their hardware quickly.

Library Standards And Automation

Automation makes simple the work; they provide free continuous integration services. To promote quality libraries and coding styles stuffs like cleaning, documenting should be done. Recently there has been more work for compilation, testing which would have been a great start.

Functions Of Arduino Technology

Reads the digital value of the given pins Analog read pin can read and also returns the value. Analog Write pin can write the value of the pin Serial begin pins set the targeting of serial communication by setting the rate bit

Home Automation Arduino Based

The main target of this project to implement home automation systems with Arduino board connected with Bluetooth. Home automation systems exhibit new solutions with smartphones.GUI application on smartphone devices sends on/off messages to receivers.

Underground Cable Fault Recognition

The main goal of this project to determine the locations of underground cable fault using Aurdino technology. In many urban areas, a common problem is an underground cable fault. To find the exact fault location is difficult. This project contains the set of resistors to represent the length of cable in kilometre when a fault occurs the exact location is displayed in LCD.

Advantages Of Aurdino

  • It is very cheap
  • Open supply hardware feature permits the user to develop their own kit
  • The software used in Arduino used for all kinds of operating system
  • It is also very simple to use for beginners.


Millions of users and companies in the world use Aurdino. Arduino announces the launch of a new code platform for IoT development. Basic information regarding is Aurdino technology, Raspberry pi Training can be used in many applications .some projects using Arduino technology involves ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles. Some people think that the Arduino board entirely is a microcontroller its inaccurate. It is simply designed circuit board for prototyping.

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