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STM Microcontroller Training Course

STM Microcontroller Training Course


STM Microcontroller: STM Microcontroller is a type based on 32 bits, and it is used for MCU users. It supports scalability, efficiency, speed and applications features like graphical user interface, context-dependent, and industrial products.

This STM32 will contains specific concepts like STM32 microcontroller, types of STM32 microcontroller, advantages and its features. The architecture of microcontroller programming, different kinds of architectures like Harvard architecture, Von Neumann architecture and the series of architectures and inbuilt peripherals.

The STM32 microcontroller certification course will gain your knowledge about embedded. Our STM training and certification course and trained by the experienced members can help you in developing your skills with qualified trainers.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with STM Microcontroller

  • Many industries are looking for a professional embedded engineer to execute complete embedded development lifecycle
  • With the advancement in technologies, many industries are beginning to adopt automation technologies, robotics, and Internet of Things into their process
  • Embedded engineers are likely to get placed in companies dealing with the engineering requirements of automobiles
  • This comprehensive course which allows the students to gain the knowledge about STM microcontroller and to latter efficiently apply on their field of work

Course Outline


Months Course

  1. Introduction to STM32 microcontroller
  2. Different types of STM32 microcontrollers
  3. Advantages and it’s features
  1. Architecture - Features
  2. Harvard Architecture vs Von Neoman Architecture
  3. Inbuilt Peripherals

Pre-Requirement Skills

Embedded C Basics

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