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Young Techies Level-2

Young Techies Level-2


Young Techies Level-2 is a technology that is used for microcontrollers and servo motor and sensors like IR sensor, fire sensor, an ultrasonic sensor.

This Young Techies level-2 will provide the different concepts like Arduino Board and Driver installation, motor with IR sensor, conditional statements, interfacing IR sensor, and servo motor, LED and LDR, fire and ultrasonic sensor.

Nenotronics certification course for the starters who interest in electrical and electronics and to develop your knowledge and the experienced trainers will help to develop knowledge.

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What You Will Learn

Skills You Gain

Robotics requires huge skill-sets in Electronics, Mechanical and Programming domain. This level focuses on Mechanics and below are the skills you will gain upon completion of this level. You will master each of these skills by the end of the Robotics Course.

  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A Methodical mind
  • Communications skills and knowledge
  • Critical thinking
  • Priorities and plan work effectively

Course Outline


Months Course

1Young Techies Level-2
  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Introduction to Arduino Board and Driver Installation
  3. Getting started with Arduino Programs
  4. Motor Concept
  5. Conditional Statements
  6. Servo motor Concept
  7. Serial Communication Reading User Input
  8. IR Sensor Concept
  9. LDR concept
  10. Fire sensor concept
  11. Ultrasonic sensor concept

Pre-Requirement Skills

Basic Physics