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IOT using ESP8266

IOT using ESP8266


IoT esp8266: Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that aims to expand the benefits of connected internet connectivity continuously-the ability to share data, remote control, etc. As well as on objects in the real world.

ESP8266 is gaining popularity in the field of electronics because of its low-cost, reliability and easy availability in the market. To fill the gap, people from various countries have formed an ESP8266 community forum, which gives necessary details about programming and other related issues concerning this module.

EES the International Training Institute provide IOT using ESP8266 programming certification course for the starter's to take the best hope to develop the skills. Our certification IoT courses and training by the experienced members help to gain your developing skills with qualified trainers.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with IoT using ESP8266

  • Demand for knowledge in this area is very high. You can learn IoT by building projects - get your hands on the sensors
  • The Internet of Things certification course are job role-based programs designed to help meet the growing need for specialized talent
  • Become an Industry-ready Embedded IoT programmer by building hands-on knowledge from sensors to applications
  • This course to enhance their career growth and added advantage to your profile. Make the candidates Industry-ready to require the best job in the MNCs

Course Outline


Days Course

1IOT using ESP8266
  1. Basics of IOT
  2. IOT Communication Protocols
  3. IOT Communication Module
  4. ESP8266
  5. Interfacing components with ESP8266
  6. Interfacing Sensors with ESP8266
  7. IOT implementation

Pre-Requirement Skills

Arduino Coding