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PIC Microcontroller

PIC Microcontroller Training Course


In PIC Microcontroller, they are electronic circuits that can be programmed to carry out a vast range of tasks. It generates the output logic pulses so that the LED light is switched ON and OFF at certain intervals.

The aspirants who become a part of EES’s training program will get a deep understanding of the basic concepts of PIC, Pin Description, architecture of PIC Microcontroller family and Hardware details. Candidates also get to know RAM organization in PIC Microcontrollers and Software Development tools for PIC.

The candidates, after gaining the knowledge of PIC Microcontroller concepts, will be able to successfully work on Embedded Systems Courses and aptly meet the industry needs of working on various electronic circuits. After completing the PIC Microcontroller training, students receive a training certificate from EES.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with PIC Microcontroller

  • Candidates who wants to make a career in the PIC Microcontroller which increases the future needs of IT
  • There is unbelievable scope for every IT enthusiastic to look in the newly growing field “PIC MICROCONTROLLER”
  • The PIC microcontroller course infuses the trainees with skills to meet the requirements of embedded systems industry
  • Companies which specialize in building embedded systems will be more willing to hire embedded system engineers

Course Outline


Days Course

1PIC Microcontroller
  1. Introduction
  2. Microcontroller
  3. Programming with MPLAB IDE
  4. Proteus simulation
  5. Serial Communication
  6. ADC Programming
  7. External Peripherals
  8. GSM/GPRS Module Interfacing
  9. Application of Motors and sensors

Pre-Requirement Skills

C Basics