Nenotronics- Job Assured Courses

Young Techies Level-1

Young Techies Level-1


Young Techies Level-1 is a technology that is used for basic electronics such as current and voltage, alternating and direct current, resistor, capacitor, diodes and LED.

This Young Techies level-1 will provide the certain concepts are working of battery and its types, functioning of the sensor and its applications, working of the motor and its types, working of LED and Buzzer.

Nenotronics certification course for the starter's to take the best hope to develop the skills. Our certification course and training by the experienced members help to gain you’re developing the electronics skills with qualified trainers.

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What You Will Learn

Skills You Gain

Robotics requires huge skill-sets in Electronics, Mechanical and Programming domain. This level focuses on Mechanics and below are the skills you will gain upon completion of this level. You will master each of these skills by the end of the Robotics Course.

  • Critical thinking
  • Robust interest in technology
  • Complex problem-solving skills and a methodical mind
  • A Methodical mind
  • Communications skills and knowledge
  • Strong IT Knowledge

Course Outline


Months Course

1Young Techies Level-1
  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Battery Concept
  3. Sensor Concept
  4. IR Sensor Concept
  5. Sound Sensor Concept
  6. Vibration Sensor Concept
  7. Motor Concept
  8. LED
  9. Buzzer

Pre-Requirement Skills

Basic Physics