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Embedded Linux Course

Embedded Linux Course

Embedded Linux Course

What is Linux?

Like a Windows, IOS, Mac Operating system, Linux is an open-source Operating System. The Linux operating system powers one of the most popular platforms, Android. An OS is software that controls all of the hardware resources on your desktop or laptop. Simply saying, the operating system manages communication between your software and hardware. No software would function without the operating system (OS).

Embedded Linux course:

Like in Smartphones, in-vehicle infotainment systems, many consumer electronics, and a wide range of industrial applications all use Linux-based embedded systems. As a result, there is a growing demand for qualified embedded system engineers with Linux experience. This Embedded Linux course shows you how to configure the Linux kernel and write custom peripheral drivers. In addition, learners understand the Linux architecture and practical skills in building an embedded Linux system, debugging, and profiling application performance.

Aim of the Embedded Linux Course

The goal of the embedded Linux course is to educate how to develop Linux on embedded systems using low-cost yet powerful Arm-based platforms and custom peripheral development for a variety of applications using standard industry software tools.

Learning Objectives

In this Embedded Linux course, you could get the Knowledge and understanding of the

  • The architecture of the Embedded Linux OS
  • Embedded system component stack based on Linux
  • Modules for the Linux kernel
  • System setup and booting procedures
  • Interaction between seed and userspace
  • Debugging and profiling of the system

By this Embedded Linux course Intellectually, you get the capability to choose software tools for developing an embedded Linux system and the ability to assess implementation results (e.g., speed, cost, and power) and relate them to the appropriate procedure.

With this Embedded Linux course, you could get practical Knowledge. You can possess the capability to configure and build an embedded Linux system stack using industry-standard tools. In addition, you will become capable of creating kernel modules for customer peripherals (such as sensors), etc.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with Linux Internals

  • Linux is the default operating system for the cloud, Big Data, and mobile, the big trends that are reshaping industries
  • Linux professionals with experience have higher salaries and better job opportunities
  • Companies are looking for systems administrators and DevOps who are skilled in Linux Internals
  • More and more companies are using Linux, hence the need for Linux professionals

Course Outline


Months Course

1Linux Internals
  1. Introduction to Kernel
  2. The Boot Process
  3. Kernel Recompilation
  4. Implementing System Calls
  5. The File System
  6. Process management
  7. Inter Process Communication

Pre-Requirement Skills

Linux Basics