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RPA Certification


RPA Certification: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the software with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning efficiency to handle high-volume, important tasks that previously required humans to perform. The task can include queries and maintenance of records and transactions.

RPA is a combination of Robotics courses following the progression of steps to automate tasks. In view of the actions of processes in existing applications further perform operations such as manipulation, triggering responses and also together communicate with various other systems.

The Applicant, after gaining knowledge of about the RPA certification course, will able to well work in ESS. Our certificate course and training by the expert members helps to improve skills to develop with expert trainers.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with RPA

  • Today, IT industries leading to more scope of automation. Demand for RPA is growing as marketing is increasing in the industry
  • The field of RPA is going to crawl up into different sectors such as industries, research and development, banking, medicine, IT Sector
  • RPA will become the next revolution in technology and you will find thousands of jobs opening every year. More than 5 million jobs awaiting you, right now
  • Boost the career graph towards a high ranging success by adopting the training in Robotic Process Automation

Course Outline


Months Course

1RPA- Robot Process Automation
  1. Introduction to RPA
  2. Workflow Designer Panels
  3. Types of Workflows
  4. Managing Variables and Arguments
  5. Data Scraping
  6. Recording
  7. Advanced UI Interaction
  8. Recording
  9. Image and Text Automation
  10. Citrix Automation
  11. Excel & Data Tables
  12. PDF
  13. Email Automation
  14. Debugging and Exception Handling

Pre-Requirement Skills

Linux Basics