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Elysium Group of Companies (EGC) was founded in 1999. Since the inception, we have emerged as one of the substantial ‘Global Solutions’ enterprises in South Asia and a pioneer in the fields of doctorate, engineering, and other science &research disciplines. We have acquired 16 years of expertise in the field of research by serving as the leading firm providing innovative solutions, ideas, and services. We can assist you, with all our acclamation, to reach new heights in the field of research and analysis.

CEO - Elysium Embedded School

Our initiatives and achievement over the years are listed below in detail

FootSteps History

  • 1999CSPN

    Computer Service Provider Network was established in 1999 to provide Internet services, Hardware components services and other computer peripherals and troubleshooting networks.
  • 2001Elysium Technologies

    Elysium Technologies was established in 2001 to provide extensive services and hi-tech solutions to our customers to exceed their expectations.
  • 2004ETPL

    Elysium Technology Private Limited was established to provide extensive services and hi-tech solutions to our customers to exceed their expectations. Over the past sixteen years, ETPL has emerged as India’s leading research and training institute that specializes in academic research utilizing cutting-edge technology. We are always up-to-date on latest trends on teaching thereby bridging the geographical and cultural gaps on education.
  • 2005PhDiZone

    PHD iZone was established in 2005 to guide research scholars and students towards new breakthroughs on par with the international research and development standards and reach new heights on academic careers.
  • 2007Elysium Services

    Elysium Services was established in 2007 to offer innovative web solutions and services with ingenious designs and cutting-edge technology to the customers and also marketing solutions for business development.
  • 2008Elysium IT Products

    Elysium IT products were established in 2008 to design ingenious products catering to the specific needs of the consumers and business organizations to develop embedded software for product control.
  • 2009ClickMyProject

    Click My Project is an e-commerce portal developed in 2009 to enable users to purchase research projects developed in varied domains such as C#, .NET, Java, and MATLAB online. Also apps for Android, iPhone, JSP, and PHP.
  • 2009MyProjectBazaar

    My Project Bazaar is an e-commerce portal developed in 2009 for the online purchase of academic projects with source code, database, documentation, PPT, screenshots, video, ReadMe files and online demonstrations.
  • 2010MyEGuru

    My EGuru is a Global Learning Portal developed in 2010 to offer cloud-based training solutions for learners worldwide. It provides interactive platform for the users to access and engage with the free online resources from the world’s top universities.
  • 2011Campus2Corp

    Campus2Corp program was initiated in 2011. It is a result oriented approach to placement-training and soft-skill training for students, equipping them with adequate skill sets to boldly face job interviews. Our courses are designed by experts based on the industry expectations. Our tie-ups with many organizations make us qualified in offering genuine placement assistance to students.
  • 2011InTune

    InTune was initiated in 2011 to offer advanced software & soft-skills training programs to students guiding them to acquire real-time industrial experience and land on a successful career in International organizations.
  • 2012Elysium Academy

    Elysium Academy (EA) was found in 2012 to uphold the organization’s commitment on spreading quality education across the urban and rural areas of the country. We will extend our social responsibility initiatives towards building an equal society and sustainable growth. We recognize and celebrate the diversity among students. Also, we encourage them to overcome their inhibitions and develop their skills.
  • 2013Redzeus

    RedZeus is an internal project developed in 2013 by Elysium Technologies for IT management with multiple user login facility, tracking the progress of client projects and employee management including attendance, personal details, leaves, payroll, recruitment et al.
  • 2014EES

    Elysium Embedded School (EES) was founded in 2012 to educate our students on the emerging trends on Embedded Systems and problem-solving skills required to crack job interviews. We possess an unparalleled track record of offering a blend of both conventional and digital training techniques. Our workshops, seminars, campus-corporate connect etc., enables students to make a mark on core fields.
  • 2014Exam Booking

    Exam Booking is a website developed in 2014 as a cost effective open-source online platform to conduct online exams for students from various locations and evaluate them precisely with the fully automated procedure.
  • 2014NSDC Partner

    NSDC partner was initiated in 2014 to facilitate development and honing the skills of the growing Indian workforce on the rural sectors and bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skills via conducting extensive workshops for the unorganized sectors.
  • 2014Elysium Foundation

    Elysium Foundation was established in 2014 to uphold the trust and commitment towards expanding quality education across the rural and remote areas of India. To focus on empowerment of students and women to raise an equal society.



CSPN provides reliable Networking solutions, Software solutions, Hardware solutions, Peripherals, Data Processing and IT solutions to our customers. We believe in ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Elysium Technologies

Elysium Technologies provides highly exceptional solutions that empower the customers to operate their businesses efficiently and realize the greatest return on their investments.


With the well-experienced Research team, PhDiZone offers robust solutions to the research scholars across worldwide and fosters the intellectual competencies of the scholars, to promote, facilitate and felicitate creative endeavors.

Elysium Academy

Elysium Academy is established to equip each student with the technology-based educational skills through smart learning sessions and continuous assessment of progress and mentoring techniques.

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