8051 Microcontroller Basics - Enhance Your Skills In Technologies
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8051 Microcontroller Course – Enhance Your Development Skills in Electronic Design Technologies

8051 Microcontroller Basics

In this 8051 microcontroller basics which it is designed in the 1980s with the help of Intel. There is a modern microcontroller need a fewer amount of power and its functioning into the comparison to their forerunners. In this microcontroller which its comprise of an 8-bit accumulator and also 8-bit processing unit. At the same time, it will consist of 8 bit B register as a majorly functioning block and 8051 Microcontroller is done with the help of embedded C language using Keil software.

8051 Microcontroller Architecture

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

We know that CPU is the main thing of any processing machine. It scrutinizes and managing all the processes that will be carried out in the microcontroller. The user may have no power over the functioning of the CPU. It will interpret program printed among the storage space (ROM) and it carries out all they projected duty. At the same time, CPU manages the various types of registers in 8051 microcontrollers.


The characteristic of 8051 interrupts is constructive as an aids in emergency cases. This microcontroller 8051 may assemble in such a manner that it momentarily stops or else breaking the core program at the interrupt. In order to, there are 5 interrupt supplies in 8051 Microcontroller for beginners. At the same time, two out of five are peripheral interrupts, and two are timer interrupts and the final one is serial port interrupt.


The memory which it is brought into play to accumulating the program of Microcontroller which it is recognized into the Program memory or else code memory. In common language, it is also known as Read Only Memory or ROM. Microcontroller 8051 consists of code memory or else program memory 4K so that has 4KB Rom and it also comprises of the data memory (RAM) of 128 bytes.

Applications of 8051 Microcontroller

Energy Management: The competent measuring the device systems aided in calculating energy consumption in industrialized and domestic applications. These meter systems will prepare competent by integrating the microcontrollers.

Touch screens: It is a high degree of microcontroller suppliers which its integration into the touch sensing abilities in the designs. At the same time, transportable devices like gaming devices, media players, and also cell phones are some of the illustrations of micro-controller which integrated into the touch sensing screens.

Automobiles: This microcontroller 8051 basics discovers the broad recognition in supplying automobile solutions. It is extensively utilized in hybrid motor vehicles to control engine variations. Especially, it works both the anti-brake mechanism and cruise power will create into more capable with the amalgamation of the micro-controllers.

Medical Devices: In this handy medicinal gadget like blood pressure monitors bring into play ARM Microcontrollers, to putting into the measurements, as well as, it is providing higher dependability for giving better medical results.

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