8051 Microcontroller For Beginners - Get Triumph Your Future
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Learn about Microcontroller 8051 – Get Certified and Triumph Your Future

8051 Microcontroller for Beginners

8051 Microcontroller for Beginners: Generally, as an engineering student, you all know about microprocessors and microcontrollers. But how many of you can write a program for particular functions? Some of you may know, but it is crucial to learn 8051 microcontroller programming in this scientific world. Majority of today’s essential home appliances are built with this brand new technology. For this purpose, several courses are existing to help you in learning Microcontroller 8051 for beginners. Come, let’s cover them.


First of all, let’s know what microcontroller 8051 is in general. An exclusive general purpose model solely dedicated to embedded systems to support them in numerous ways. Apparently, this small chip is utilized for embedded applications such as security system, measuring device, applications of remote control, and in robotics. This training is outstanding among a variety of miniature controllers. Moreover, it is suitable for the aspirants who are enthusiastic about learning robotics and embedded systems. The program comprises techniques of 8051 in various aspects.

Course Description

Commonly, the candidates spend their time reading the datasheets, assembly language learning, and study embedded systems in college about four to five months. After this, they can hardly do their academic projects. Generally, learning basics and architecture is good, but when you place your footstep in the industry, the first thing the boss asks you to do is to write a program. That time if you stand idle, they will hesitate to hire you.

With this intention, many learning centre offer courses like Microcontroller programming and their branches. You can learn all the program super-fast and grow your knowledge to write programs on your own. You will be able to learn microC library functions, registers, and other functions. Focus on programming several features like I/O ports, timers, serial ports, and counters.

Main Objectives

Ultimately, the following are the goals of this course.

  • Understanding the ideas and conceptual designs of 8051
  • To know the contrast between small-scale controllers and chips
  • Impart about low-level programs
  • Learning the details of a variety of interfaces and gadgets
  • Also, about the external interfacing systems

What Will You Learn?

At the termination of this training program, every student will be able to program.

  • Programming of microcontroller 8051
  • The architectural core of 8051
  • Program 8051 and I/O ports
  • Seven segments and LCD character
  • Timers and counters
  • External hardware interrupts
  • The prominence of peripheral devices and their interface
  • The interface of external such as LCD LED, keyboard, motors, rotors, and switches.


Before stepping into this course, the candidate must possess some knowledge to study the course in a full-fledged manner. By this quality, the students can learn things effectively and have some precise knowledge about embedded systems. Although, it will not be an issue if you don’t have. Those requirements are knowledge about Proteus simulation will support, fundamentals of microcontroller, must have development board for 8051 or software (optional). Also, experience in C and C++ is necessary.

This training is facilitated by present industry patterns and suitable for today’s application. Notably, it is vital to learn and helps to improve your both hardware and software skills. It will brighten your future and will take you to the next generation of technology. Furthermore, it will help you to move forward in your career.

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