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Future Performance of ARM Microcontroller Cortex M3 Processor

ARM Cortex M3: ARM Cortex microcontroller is the most popular microcontroller in the digital embedded system world. Most industries prefer only ARM microcontroller since it consists of enormous features to implement the products with an advanced appearance. This ARM Training is cost sensitive and high-performance device which is utilizing in a wide range of applications such as industrial instrument control systems, wireless networking sensors, and automotive body system, etc.

ARM Microcontroller

ARM which is stands for Advanced RISC Machine and it is a 32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) microcontroller. In fact, it is the family of the microcontroller developed by different manufacturers such as Motorola and ST Microelectronics. This architecture comes with several versions such as ARMv1, ARMv2, etc. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. As a matter of fact, ARM cortex microcontroller is an High Level Microcontroller in the ARM family. It is divided into three subfamilies such as

  • ARM Cortex Ax-series
  • ARM Cortex Rx-series
  • ARM Cortex Mx-series

ARM Cortex M3 Processor

The Cortex M3 ARM processor is a high performance that offers the benefits to the developers. It is a hardware architecture that offers separate data and instruction buses for communicating with the RAM and ROM memories. In fact, it is a cost-sensitive device which is utilizing to reduce the processor, and it has the extensive improving system debug capabilities and interrupts handling, etc.

ARM Cortex M3 processor is a very well suited for highly deterministic real-time applications Microcontroller Programming in Embedded and low-cost platforms such as industrial control system, automotive body system, wireless networking and sensors and so on. It is available from several semiconductor manufacturers such as Atmel, NXP, Analog Devices, STMicroelectronics, Toshiba, etc.

Feature of Cortex M3

  • ARMv7-M architecture
  • Thumb
  • Thumb 2
  • Saturated math support
  • 3 stage pipeline
  • 12 cycle interrupt latency
  • Integrated sleep modes
  • 1 to 240 interrupts

Advantages and Applications of Cortex M3


  • Simultaneous darts and instruction access can perform
  • Many instructors are a single cycle
  • Faster time to market
  • Easier code maintenance
  • Higher code density and reduced memory requirements
  • Advanced interrupt handling
  • More bandwidth available for data transfer


Data communication: The processor's low power and high efficiency, couples with thumb 2 instructions, make cortex m3 which is ideal for many communication applications.

Automotive: It has high-performance efficiency and low interrupt latency, allowing to be used in real time systems.

Industrial control: In industrial control applications simplicity, reliability and fast response are the key factors, Cortex M3 has the low interrupt latency so is best suited.

Low-cost microcontrollers: Ideally, it is well suited for low-cost microcontrollers, which is commonly utilizing in consumer products.

Consumer products: It is small, processor and is highly efficient, low in power and supports an MPU enabling complex software to execute while providing robust memory protection.

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