How To Choose The Right Microcontroller For Your Application
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Challenges Facing The Internet Of Things
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Robot Using Raspberry Pi
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March 23, 2020

Tricks to Select Perfect Microcontroller for Your Application


How to Choose the Right Microcontroller: In general, the microcontroller programming course is essentially a small computer on-chip. It's like any computer, and it has memory and programmed in embedded systems to receive inputs, perform calculations and also generate output. Unlike a processor, it incorporates the memory, CPU, Input/Output and also the other peripherals on a single chip.

In fact, choosing the perfect microcontroller for any type of project is a sophisticated decision which is useful to make because it is the heart of the project and success or failure of the system depends on it. As a matter of fact, there is approximately a thousand various type of microcontroller. Each microcontroller has a unique feature or any competitive benefit from form factor, to the package size and to the capacity of RAM and ROM, which makes them suitable for particular applications.

Microcontroller Basics

Similarly, it is the CPU for your embedded system.

In fact, it is different from microprocessors that require external peripherals. Also, the microcontroller has all the peripherals on the major chimp.

Microcontroller is well-suitable for embedded system. And it is limited in size and also cheap.

At the same time, it is well suitable for applications that have limits on size and cost.

The examples of microcontrollers such as Arduino, PIC microcontroller, and 8051 microcontroller etc.

Further, it can be preferred in embedded C course due to they have several benefits such as

  • Efficiency
  • Perform Diverse functions
  • Use more logic to carry functions
  • Minimum and controlled power consumption

How to Choose the Right Microcontroller

In How to Choose the Right Microcontroller, selecting perfect microcontroller for your application is most essential. In fact, there are major different things to focus, which includes technical features, size and also cost. In this blog, there are following tricks to consider when selecting a microcontroller.

  • Application
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Software Requirements
  • Architecture
  • Memory Requirement
  • Package Size
  • Microcontroller kits


The essential thing to do before choosing a microcontroller for any project is to improve the strong understanding the task for which the microcontroller-based solution has to be deployed. In fact, the technical specification sheet can be developed during this process. As well as, it helps to identify the particular features that the microcontroller that will be used for the project.

Hardware Requirements

The basic thing to consider when selecting the perfect microcontroller is to know what hardware devices your project require. Also, it would help if you had an idea what hardware peripherals you need to connect with your microcontroller.

  • Does your embedded system require any communication interfaces such as UART?
  • If it require Ethernet?
  • Does it require a USB port or other serial ports?
  • Are you want PWM?

However, these are some basic questions to think. Also, you can deduct your choices from many microcontrollers by considering the hardware requirements.

Software Requirements

Likewise, the hardware of the project, you should know the software which is required by your project. In fact, the software requirement is also crucial to consider.

  • What is the processing speed needed?
  • What types of calculations are included?
  • How much can processing power be required? and
  • What are the timing constraints?


  • To determine, microcontroller architecture is an internal structure. Further, when you have an idea about hardware and software requirements of the project, you can seek for various type of microcontrollers to determine the matching ones. Further, it comes in different types which include 4 bit, 8 bit, 16 bit, and 32 bit etc. The 32-bit microcontrollers are useful in embedded systems.

    Memory Requirement

    As a matter of fact, memory size is essential to consider. In that case, how much memory is required by your code and how much RAM you need are considering. Hence, there should be an extra memory from estimated; Therefore, you will not run short of space.

    Package Size

    To determine, the package size determines to the form factor of the 8051 microcontroller training course. Generally, a microcontroller comes in packages ranging from QFP, TSSOP, SOIC to SSOP. As well as, the regular DIP package that helps to makes mounting on the breadboard for prototyping easy. Therefore, it is very essential to plan ahead of the manufacturing and envisage which package will be best.

    Microcontroller Kits

    Microcontroller kits are best for starting your work. If you are beginner, then experimenting with the kit is a really interesting. In fact, you can begin with mini-projects, or you can develop small circuits for testing purposes. However, these are some steps which you can go through when selecting a right microcontroller for your project. The more you know about your requirements and different products available, then it becomes very easy to choose the best-suited microcontroller.

    Final Thoughts

    In the final analysis, selecting a perfect microcontroller is no longer just about the hardware. As well as, it is the major contributor to the decision is software. With several devices are be connected to the internet or requiring short development cycles, programmers need to focus on using software which is ready to work with each other right out of the box. On the other hand, selecting the right microcontroller for any project will continue to be a problem and an every hardware designer will have to solve. While few more factors may influence the select of microcontroller. However, these factors mentioned above are the most important.

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