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Steps to Build Right Path with RTOS Certification Courses

RTOS Jobs: When we hear the word "operating system" first in our mind comes which the operating system in computers and laptops. Basically, we several types of operating system such as Windows XP, Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows 7,8,10. In smartphones, the operating system such as KitKat, marshmallow, Nougat. Moreover, there are various types of operating systems to develop for the microcontroller. This blog explains the Real-Time Operating System.

Real-Time Operating System

As a matter of fact, it is an operating system, and it is the brain of the real-time system and response to inputs immediately. In RTOS, the task will be completed by the specified time and its responses in a predictable way to unpredictable events.

RTOS Jobs - RTOS Certification Course

In several software applications, particularly in an embedded application, the operating system is required to support the application to meet the timing constraints. RTOS Certification Course covers several topics such as

  • Fundamentals of RTOS
  • Use the development of implanted multitasking software application
  • Concepts of operating system and processor
  • Multitasking code development
  • Pre-emptive task scheduling and intertask communication

Benefits of RTOS Certification Course

  • Understanding the distinguish between a real-time and logical time system
  • Determine the differences between several scheduling algorithms such as table-driven and priority preemptive schedulers
  • Using rate monotonic analysis to prioritize tasks in a real-time system
  • Construct single and multitask applications using RTOS
  • Using semaphores to synchronize tasks created within the operating system
  • Analyze real-time application performance via the use of statistics
  • Although this course offers an ideal way to accelerate the learning process and to the design and implementation of your embedded application. As a result of taking this course, candidates will acquire an in-depth knowledge of RTOS and will attain a focused approach to Embedded C Program systems development. This will improve productivity and significantly reduce the time-to-market for your development project. The hands-on component of the course is designed to ensure the RTOS concepts. This approach encourages attendees to become active participants by engaging them in the learning process. It also enhances retention and understanding.


    At Embedded School, provides a comprehensive certification course. The RTOS course features hands-on embedded system development, the high-performance RTOS for deeply embedded applications. After completing this course, you will know to plan and set up a real-time system.

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