Real-time Exposure of Embedded C Program in Microcontroller System
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April 12, 2019
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April 23, 2019
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Real-time Exposure of Embedded C Program in Microcontroller System

Embedded C programming is the soul of the processor functioning inside each embedded system. In fact, we come across our daily life like a washing machine, a digital camera and also a mobile phone. Each processor is associated with the embedded software system.

Features of Embedded C

  1. C language is the software designed with various keywords, variables, data types, and constants, etc.
  2. Embedded C is the generic terms which it’s given in programming languages written with C. Also, it is associated with a specific hardware architecture.
  3. Embedded C is an extension of C language with some of the additional header files. These header files may change from controller to controller.
  4. Able to circuit simulation using a PROTEUS simulation software. This program plays a huge role in controlling and monitoring external devices.
  5. It is directly operating and utilize the internal architecture if the microcontroller like timers, serial communication, interrupt handling Embedded Techniques and other available features.

What is the Difference between C and Embedded C?

S.noC ProgrammingEmbedded C programming
1C is the general purpose programming language which is used to designing a type of desktop based applications.Embedded C is the extension of C language which it is utilized to developing microcontroller applications.
2In fact, the C programming language code there is no need to knowing the computer hardware i.e. C language is not a hardware dependent languageThere is good knowledge about the hardware for developing any code. In this Embedded C is fully hardware dependent language
3C language program is fully hardware independentFor this Embedded C is fully hardware dependent
4The C language compilers generate the operating system which it’s dependent upon the executable files that will run on the operating systemEmbedded C language compilers generate the hardware-dependent files that are having to upload in the microcontroller. As well as, switch on the devices to check whether a code is working or not
5It helps to readability modifications, bug fixing is simple in C language programs.It is too simple to read, modify, understanding and fix the bugs in Embedded C language program.

Why are Microcontroller Used in Embedded System?

In order to, an ARM Microcontroller is an independent system with a memory, processor, and GPIC, i.e. (General Purpose Input Output) pins which it is utilize an embedded system. In this embedded processors is divided into the two categories that are ordinary microprocessors and also microcontrollers. At the same time, the embedded processor is a CPU chip which it’s used to a system which is not a general purpose desktop, workstation, and laptop computer. Most of the microcontrollers are utilize today, and that the embedded in other machinery. Like home appliances, automobiles, peripherals, and smartphones for the computer system.

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