Robotic Trends In 2021- Key Trends In Robots That Shape The Future
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November 3, 2020
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December 8, 2020

Robotic Trends in 2021

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Robots are evolving day by day in this revolutionized world. They tend to collaborate with workers or humans to work and perform. With the ability to work with humans, make them the more invincible way of technological aspect. Robots are found worldwide in various applications doing repetitive and monotonous works. Mainly, Robots are very suitable for doing automated tasks with little sensing capability.

These Robots perform all tasks based on their laws and orders that are imparted in their memory. Due to its intelligence superior to humans, they perform highly. However, these robots are now in demand for automated unmanned systems.

Present Robotic trends

Intelligence is the intellectual faculty of a human. These intellectual faculty are involved in planning strategy for every solution. So, for that purpose, robots are recently engaged with these sectors. Robots are important machine which is programmed to handle all sectors. They occupy each and every sector like Healthcare, Business, Education, Research etc.

First generation robots concentrated on flexible automation technology. The second generation is focused on programming capabilities. The third generation focused on supervising and coordinating functions. Then, high level of Robots concentrates on reasoning and interpreting capabilities. Also, along with images and natural sensors.

Present day innovative robots emphasis on developing independent programs for it. The robots are programmed to perform independently by accomplishing a task, with help of assembly automation. Further, they are associated with AI and machine learning tools which make them a more advanced level of technology. There are Smart Robots which plays important role in Automation of homes and livelihood. Because of its versatility, robots combine with AI or other higher-level techs to perform intelligent tasks. Some of the recent trends are Intelligent telerobots have the potential to use in hazardous environments. Smart Robots which is used in IoT course automation process. Intelligent robots used in solid-state mechanized works which replace human from in human tasks.

Futuristic Trends

Thus, the robotics along with intelligence can be widely used in industrial application and automation risks. So that, it strengthens the recycling capabilities and increases competence on demand. In the last two decades, the field of robot implementation is highly exploded in research and applications. The report predicts to be a few promising fields of robotics.

Some of the futuristic View of Robotics are

  • Exoskeletons
  • Healthcare
  • Collaborative Robots

Also, it is believed that Robots are to be paired with AI which will be able to perform complex actions. They are capable of learning from humans, which drives intelligent automation.

Life with Robots

Robotic engineers are designing the next generation of robots to look, feel and act more human, to make it easier for us to warm up to a cold machine. Realistic looking of hair and skin with embedded sectors which allow the robots to act naturally for their environment.


Exoskeletons are robotic structures which are very much useful in the military projects. Wearable bionic suits are being developed for the military to allow soldiers to carry heavier loads and to conserve energy. Other uses for exoskeletons are assisting rescue workers move heavy objects and bionics for motor-impaired patients.

Health Care Robots

Healthcare has become the most affected industry in this pandemic time. With the constant increase of patients, hospitals are lacking the number of serving peoples to look around them.

So As an initiative by DILIGENT ROBOTICS, they designed Medical Robots, which join the frontline battle in this pandemic situation. These Robots can perform several tasks such as taking lab samples, bringing medications, collecting dirty things and bleeding related things.

In addition to that, these tasks are automated inside them which makes easier for the healthcare workers to manage and analyse their routines without any delay and focus more on their patients.

Another Area in Healthcare Industry where Robots play a vital role is in Invasive Surgery. Such Automation of Robots creates a solution to perform surgery in this pandemic situation. With the help from CMR solution, a robotic start-up firm, created a robot called VERSIUS. Versius is employed at six major NHS hospitals across the UK and performs everything from minimal to difficult invasive surgeries, such as laparoscopy.

In Business Sector

Transportation of goods has become one of the most critical issues during this pandemic. Magazino GmbH, a German Robo-logistics startup, has an optimal solution to the logistics disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak. MAGAZINO’S ROBOTS use machine learning and advanced computer vision to work alongside human warehouse workers.

Some of the other Robotic trends which seek more attention is Robotic pets, Rescue Robots, robotic insects, Robotic Prosthetics, Robots Caregivers.

Another trend that we expect early 2021 involves the inventory that is held by retailers. As robots become more mainstream, it is expected that retailers in warehouses will be able to increase their number of SKUs. In order to do this without robots, additional labour would be required and this isn’t always cost-effective. With robots, however, this will be much easier and much more common over the coming years.

To conclude, the robotics industry is actively developing. More and more robotics start-ups emerge and bring their solutions, changing our future forever. The robotics market will keep growing, inspiring more and more entrepreneurs around the world to open innovative start-ups.

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