Robotic Automation & AI : Future Together And Impacts
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October 6, 2020
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Robotic Automation & AI: Future Together

In this Expanding universe, there is always a revolution in Technology day by day. This revolution is creating adverse impacts on every sector of business and communication. It includes many terms and technologies that naturally leads to overlap in all aspects of techs. Many evolutions had developed and emerged into a stable technology creating milestone changes for centuries in this advance world. Among them, Robotic Automation and Artificial intelligence are still debated to all scholars and researchers.

What is Robotic Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the application of technology that allows all people to automate digital tasks and works. It is mainly concentrated in Business sectors which makes the process fully automated. Also, this is a business processed automated technology which is based on metaphorical software robots to handle. These robots are allowed to learn and execute the instruction, which is rule-based in every business processes. Also, It is a form of defining a set of instructions that governs the business. This mainly aims at automating the business without a workforce.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word that all technologies used around the world. Besides, Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines are tuned to think like humans and their actions. Also, this technology involves smart devices to perform various tasks which are typically needed to be completed within a short span time. Also, a computer or Robot can perform tasks that can be done with human resources. Artificial Intelligence uses real-time data, which are very useful to design and make decisions for further development.

Hope, got an overview of both Robotic automation and Artificial Intelligence within it. So, now, there are so many misconceptions related to both technologies. Since both these techniques are associated with each other.

One may be better than others, and one is superior to others. In most of the cases, some people better understand that AI is better than RPA and RPA is a part of AI.

Is that true??

Is one technology is superior or far better than others??

This discussion, about RPA and AI, is getting a more intense topic for human beings. Since RPA is becoming a part of AI, there is no way of argumenting that RPA is best than AI.

RPA is a process of instruction, imported to a robot to perform tasks which helps to reduce the burden of the workforce.

AI is being used as an alternate solution to a human being, which can think and act like a real being.

So, there is always a misconception between them.

One of these misconceptions is that both AI and RPA are interchangeable. Both of them uses more enthusiastic way of increasing business process with the help of automation.

In this Fast-changing World, Business is more depending on Automation process rather than the workforce. This automation tends to create profound changes in the efficiency of business changes. So, many companies tend to be that understanding automation process may generate a quality change in efficiency and employee productivity to compete in this digital environment.

As a result, these RPA and AI technology seek attention in business sectors.

What is the Difference between AI and RPA?

Both Technologies are similar in functioning. Most of the people will think like AI and RPA are mentioned together but not technically. Also, they might think that these two are related. But, they are some interchangeable terms. In which, RPA is a specific part of AI.

So, To begin with, these two technologies are different in processing and automation. RPA and AI technology are great techs to enhance Business Process Automation. When they both are involved in Business Strategies, they tend to reckon force faster to build extreme highs.

But, there is some disagreement between the two techs. These differences happen because of Machine Learning Technology involved in Artificial Intelligence. This tends to seek more attention when it comes to strategies engaged in automation.

This is also one of reason when RPA differs from AI as RPA uses a set of handling instruction, which are rule-based to be performed. So, If there is any mishandling, this RPA bot cant handles this on its own. This creates a significant drawback in RPA in processing automation.

AI is somewhat different from RPA. AI involves Machine Learning and augments human judgment and behavior. This helps in making the decision involved in significant drawback situations.

Apart from these disagreements, these two techs are involved together to bring a profound change in the automation process. Also, a completely automated process would decrease the use of workforce in various sectors. With the help of these two techs, Future of the Business and other sectors would produce a profound change in their implementation and automation process.

Let's take in a closer look by an example...

Take the Health care Sector.

There are more AI robots which are being used in most of the hospitals and healthcare. Because of its efficiency, which improves patient care. So, if RPA can replace it?

Just think in reverse, RPA is also Robot which is preconfigured with specific rules and autonomous execution of process and actions. So implementing RPA robots in Health care is much appreciated.

Like, When AI is involved in assisting the Professional of health care in monitoring and finding the health issues deeply. The RPA can be administered in other aspects like billing, entry related works and other kiosk related works which can be taken from patients.

Also, when implementing both these Techs in a Sector will bring a vast improvement and change.

Thus, one can think that RPA is better than AI. At the same time, AI is far advanced than RPA.

For Simplicity, the choice of selecting RPA and AI is based on the purpose of usage in the sector it is implemented. That is, fit for meaning is the better option for both technologies.

Besides, the future of RPA and AI is growing high in this world. RPA is considered a needed tech for digital transformation. When robotics course joined with AI and Machine learning, it tends to bring excellence in the efficiency of automation.

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