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Design & Modernization Idea of Robotics Using Raspberry Pi Technology

Raspberry Pi Hardware Specs: Creating your robot with the Raspberry Pi is easier than you think. In fact, it is simple or complicated as you want to make it, which is the part of the fun of making your unique robotic project. Raspberry Pi and Robots are close to achieving the perfect match. In the future, several accessible robots will embed a Raspberry Pi board to provide great functionalities for a reasonable price.

Raspberry Pi

In Raspberry Pi Hardware Specs, Raspberry Pi is developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation to bring accessible computer and technology. A Raspberry Pi is the small computer board which is credit card size that can easily connect to the internet and interface with a lot of hardware components. It is now a series of 3 computer boards with different configurations.

Raspberry Pi Hardware Specs

It comprises a program memory RAM, CPU, GPU, processor and graphics chip, UART, Ethernet port, Microcontroller, GPIO pins and so on. As well as, it requires mass storage for that we use an SD flash memory card. Therefore, the board will boot from this SD card similarly as a PC boots up into windows from its hard disk. Additionally, it mainly includes SD card containing US keyboard, Linux Os, monitor, video cable and power supply.

Benefits of using the Raspberry Pi Board

Generally, Robotics is mostly about three skills such as electronics, computer science, and mechanics. With Raspberry Pi, you will learn by computer science and communication protocols which are used to dealing with external electronic devices such as motors and sensors. As a matter of fact, Raspberry Pi is a real computer and able to do heavy computation and run real software developed by you or by the community. In fact, it comes with some operating system with easy and detailed instructions. The Robotics using Raspberry Pi boards are used in several applications such as Arcade machine, Tablet computer, Home automation, Controlling roots, cosmic computer.

Reasons - Robotics using Raspberry Pi

  • Raspberry Pi board is the credit card size that makes it perfect for embedding it on Robot.
  • It is affordable. That way, buying a board will not make robot cost too much. It will provide great value and a lot of new possibilities for a very good price.
  • Raspberry Pi is powerful as smartphones, the recent version on the market, Raspberry Pi 3 has a quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. You will run a real operating system on Raspberry Pi such as Raspbian, Ubuntu, and Windows. Returning to robotics applications, you will get benefits from calculation tools.
  • Robotics using Raspberry Pi projects are everywhere. A stable and growing community is a significant factor in product success.
  • If you want to use Raspberry Pi for robotics, need to know about some Raspberry Pi with Python programming and also how to connect to hardware devices.

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