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August 19, 2019
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Pre-eminent Way to Reach a Greater Height Via Real-Time Operating System Course

Types of RTOS: The Real-Time Operating System is an operating system, it is a brain of the real-time system and it is a huge response to inputs immediately. In this RTOS, the task may complete among the specified time and it is responses in a predictable way to unpredictable events.

Types of RTOS

There are three several types of RTOS which are following below

  • Hard real-time operating system
  • Soft real-time operating system
  • Firm real-time operating system

Real-Time Operating System Service

The most essential sector of the operating system is the Kernel. To monitoring the hardware the task may relieve and the responsibilities of this kernel manage and it is allocated into the resources in Embedded System. If the task cannot obtain the CPU attention for each time, then there are some other services offers in the kernel. The following are

  • Device management services
  • Time services
  • Memory management services
  • Input-output services
  • Interrupt handling services

What are the Benefits of RTOS?

  1. When all the devices and resources are inactive, then the RTOS gives a maximum consumption of this system and more output.
  2. In order to, the task is performing there is a no more chance to get the error because the RTOS is an error-free.
  3. At the same time, memory is allocated to the best type to manage in this type of system.
  4. In the final analysis, the shifting time is very minimal.
  5. Because of the minimum size of the program, the RTOS is utilize in the embedded system like transport and others.

Role of RTOS in Embedded System

An embedded system is one of the special computer systems which is designed to perform a dedicated function with real-time computing constraints. It contains software, memory, and a processor that will 8051micro-controller memory ROM or else Pentium-IV processor memory RAM. It also contains several types of inputs and outputs.

Why Embedded School?

Elysium Embedded Schools offers RTOS Certification Course. This course helps to the candidate, after gaining complete skills and knowledge of about the Real Time Embedded System course. It will able to well work in embedded system. Our certification course and training by the expert members helps to enhance their skills with expert trainers.

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