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January 10, 2019

Inspire Your Creative Spirit with the Internet of Things

IoT and Embedded Systems: Nowadays, Raspberry Pi Course become very popular all over the world. As well as, it is mainly designed for embedded systems. This is network connectivity that collects the data and transforms the data. Embedded is the key to many internets of things.

Internet of Things in Embedded

Internet of things is a group of computer software and network connectivity. Similarly, embedded contains computer hardware and software. The work of IoT is to collect and transform the data. Embedded is a combination of hardware and software that perform a specific task. IoT Technology means network connectivity that performs collect and exchanges data. Embedded, it collects the data and sends back to the internet.

Latest Technology in IoT

In fact, this technology has a very broad impact on organizations, affecting business strategy, risk management and technical areas such as network design and architecture.

IoT Security:Security will be required to protect IoT devices from information attacks to encrypt their communications.

IoT Device Management:Device will require management including device monitoring, firmware and software updates, and security management.

IoT Analytics:As data volume increases, the needs of IoT may diverge further from analytics.

IoT Processor:IoT device have the capable of strong security and encryption, power consumption, whether they are sophisticated enough to support an operating system and embedded device management agents.

IoT Operating System:Operating system such as Windows and iOS are not designed for this applications. Furthermore, a range of IoT operating system has been developed to many different hardware footprints.

Benefits of IoT

IoT is already changing the world. As well as, it will become a major role in over the world. It uses some ways like smart city, connected car, connected health, etc.

Connected Car

In this case, a car is connected with Internet of Things and allow to share the network. The uses of the connected car are Bluetooth, music, parking, road assistance, and voice command, etc. An example of this car is BMW, Volvo, Tesla, Benz, and Audi, etc. Surely, a connected car becomes very popular in the future because this vehicle uses IoT Technology to communicate with the driver and other vehicles.

Connected Health

Connected health provides services like healthcare services using remote locations. The benefits are reduced manual work, no need to wait to see a doctor, and also save the lives of people who are in an emergency.

Smart City

This is a technology that used for sharing the information with the public to improve the development of services. The uses of this technology are air quality, the health of buildings, noise monitoring, parking, etc.

In the future, everything will change in digital and network connected. In the final analysis, the arrival of 5G is used for send and receive data in faster and control the issue in traffics.

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