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RPA in Industries: Robotic Process Automation is a set of tools that companies use to relieve human workers of repetitive tasks. In fact, it emulates human interaction with computer interface such as spreadsheet, website or CRM system to input data automatically, gather and file information, and execute multi-step processes. The implementation of robotic process automation brings businesses 30 to 40 percent cost savings by increasing efficiency, decreasing errors and increasing compliance. By taking away the most routine tasks from workers, it contributes to better employee engagement, as individuals have more time to dedicate more fulfilling tasks. Based on the business, the benefits of Robotic Process Automation can massive. Therefore, it comes as no surprise which companies across all industries are making use of this technology.

RPA in Industries

Banking Industry

In terms of recent digital innovations, the banking industry is yet known for its long processes around data input and exchange. In fact, it makes banking ideal territory for RPA implementation. In that case of client-facing banking, RPA in Banking can be used to confirm appointments with customers, pull up their information from CRM systems and using machine learning algorithms. Also, it revolutionary in processes such as loan applications and approval, reduce the time it takes for clients to receive a decision on their request.

Retail Industry

To determine, the retail industry includes several processes which are primary for automation with RPA. An example, most companies use RPA to manage constantly changing order and shipping statuses such as updating customers when their time has been processed in through to expected delivery. Additionally, RPA can be used to best effect in retail measurement.

Insurance Industry

Lengthy, multi-step claims processes and document-heavy workflows make the insurance sector a prime use case for robotic process automation. Whether, it is issuing policies or renewals, underwriting, claims processing, managing end of month reports, a host of information from various sectors should be compiled and sorted for the major operations in the insurance industry.

Human Resources

In every business, human resource is a permanent feature. The more a company’s grows, the larger its HR department becomes and the more processes there are for its employees to manage. In fact, tasks such as recruitment, processing employee absences, and claims for expenses are time-consuming, repetitive jobs that often rely on physical documentation. Automating these works with robotic process automation frees HR workers from these tasks. Therefore, it improves accuracy and efficiency rates of the department.

What are list of tools in robotic process automation?
  • AutomationEdge
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Blue Prism
  • Workfusion
  • OpenSpan
  • UiPath
Which is the best tool for RPA?
The best RPA tools are UiPath, BluePrism and Automation Anywhere etc. However, these tools are best tool in the current industry. According to Google Trend, Blue Prism is the best RPA Tool.
Is RPA a best career?
RPA career is considered to be very powerful. The graduates will easily expect the major share of employment opportunities in world. As well as, pay packages for the experts with skill-sets in this field are higher.

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