Features Of ARM Cortex M3 - Perfect Way To Startup
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ARM Microcontroller Programming – Perfect Way to Startup with Embedded System

Features of ARM Cortex M3: ARM Microcontroller is the most popular microcontroller in embedded world. In fact, most industries prefer ARM Training because it contains of massive features to integrate products with an emerging appearance. As a matter of fact, it is cost sensitive and high performance devices that are used in the several range of application such as wireless sensor network, industrial instrument control systems and automotive body system etc.

Features of ARM Cortex M3

To determine, the Advanced RISC Machine i.e., ARM is a 32-bit reduced instruction set computer microcontroller. It is the family of microcontroller developed by several manufacturers like Motorola, ST microelectronics, etc. In fact, it comes with several versions such as ARMv1, ARMv2, etc. Each versions has its advantages and disadvantages.

In this ARM, it has an advanced microcontroller known as ARM cortex microcontroller that can be developed by ARMv7 architecture. This ARM cortex family can be categorized into three subfamilies such as

  • ARM Cortex Ax series
  • ARM Cortex Rx series
  • ARM Cortex Mx series

ARM Cortex M3 Microcontroller Architecture

As a matter of fact, Cortex M3 ARM processor is a high-performance 32-bit processor that provides the major benefits to the developers. As well as, the ARM architecture is the Harward architecture that provides separate data and instruction buses for communicating with ROM and RAMs. In fact, the cortex processor is a cost-sensitive device that is used to reduce the processor area and has the extensive improving interrupt handling and also system debug capabilities.

Additional Features of the Cortex M3 Processor

It has some additional features such as

RISC controller
  • 32-bit high-performance CPU
  • 3 stage pipeline
THUMB-2 technologies
  • optimal merges of 16/32 bit instructions
  • high performance
Support tools and RTOS and it has Core sight debug and trace
  • Support for multiple processors
  • 2 pin serial wire debug connection

Final Thoughts

Embedded school is the best ARM microcontroller training center in Madurai with newly designed labs for students to practice and also pursue training for multiple courses. ARM microcontroller training course brings Hands-on experience. Especially, we believe in practice what you preach and therefore each student is encouraged to practically conduct each topic which has been discussed for a better understanding of ARM and Arduino Microcontroller. This practice of comprehensive training allows the candidate to get all the skills and concepts and to later apply on their field of work.

What programming languages are used for microcontrollers?
Originally, microcontrollers are programmed in assembly language. But several high-level programming languages like C, JavaScript and Python are also use to target microcontrollers in embedded systems.
Which architecture is used in ARM?
Cortex M3 architecture used in ARM. It is high performance 32-bit processor that offers the major benefits to the developers. This architecture is a "Harward Architecture" provides the seperate data and intsruction buses for communicating with memories.
Why ARM is so popular?
ARM is the most popular processors especially in portable device due to its less power consumption. At the same time, ARM processor consists of less power consumption and low cost.

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