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Different types of Microcontroller Programming used in Embedded Systems

Types of Microcontroller: A Micro controller is a small computer on a single integrated and architecture circuit. In Modern terminology, it’s called Microcontroller because they have an execution time in the order of microseconds. While, the speed of Microcontroller Programming have increased over the years, but the name stuck. As much as, for the controller part, a microcontroller consists of a microprocessor unit, RAM, ROM, and some extra peripherals.

How it works?

The Microcontroller is a high-speed device, but it’s slower than a computer, so every instruction executed in microcontroller at a breakneck speed. When the power supply is turned ON, the quartz oscillator was enabled by the control logic register. In the first few milliseconds, while the early preparation is in progress, the parasite capacitors are being charged.

When the Voltage level reaches its max value and frequency of quartz oscillator becomes stable the process of writing bits on special function registers start. Everything occurs according to the clock of the oscillator, and overall electronics start working. All this takes very few nanoseconds.

Functions of Microcontroller

The microcontroller can be considered as self-contained systems with a processor memory, and peripherals can be used as an 8051 Microcontroller. Since, the majority of microcontrollers in use today are embedded in other types of machinery, such as automobiles, telephones appliances and peripherals for computer systems.

Advantages and Applications of Microcontroller


  • A microcontroller is a cheap and minimal size, easy to carry out. Therefore it can be embedded on any device.
  • Programming of microcontrollers is simple to learn. It's not much complicated.
  • We can use simulators on a computer to see the practical results of our Microcontrollers Programming. Those we can work on an embedded project with even buying the required components and chips.
  • We can virtually see the working of our project of a program.
  • Lists of Microcontroller Applications

    However, they have a lot of use on Microcontrollers. Such as,

    1. Mobile Phones
    2. Automobiles
    3. Cameras
    4. Appliances
    5. Computer Systems
    6. Security Alarms
    7. Electronic Measurements Instruments
    8. Micro Oven.

    Types of Microcontroller

    PIC Microcontroller

    PIC Stands for Peripheral Interface Controller is a kind of microcontroller components was used in the development of electronics, computer robotics, and similar devices. Even though the PIC was produced by Microchip technology and based on hardware computing architecture, here the code and data are placed in separate registers to increase the input and output. Pic has a built-in data memory, data bus and dedicated microprocessor for preparing all I/O purposes and methods.

    ARM Microcontroller

    ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine. It’s the most popular Microcontrollers Programming in the digital embedded system world, and most of the industries prefer only ARM microcontrollers since it consists of significant features to implement products with an excellent appearance. It is cost sensitive and high-performance device which has been used in a wide range of application such as Industrial Instrument control systems, wireless networking and sensors, and automotive body systems, etc.

    8051 Microcontroller

    Intel created 8051 microcontrollers in 1981. It is an 8bit microcontroller. It’s made with 40 pins DIP (Dual inline package), 4kb if ROM storage and 128 bytes of RAM storage, 2 16 bit timer. It consists of are four parallel 8 bit ports, which are programmable as well as addressable as per the specification.

    AVR Microcontroller

    AVR stands for Alf and Vegard's RISC Processor. It was the modified Harvard architecture machine, where program and data were stored in the separate physical memory system that appears in different address spaces, but having the ability to browse information things from program memory victimization particular directions. AVR isn't associate degree signifier and doesn't symbolize something specially.

    MSP Microcontroller

    MSP stands for Mixed Signal Processor. It’s the family from Texas Instruments. Built around a 16 -bit CPU, the MSP is designed for low cost and respectively, low power dissipation embedded statements. It’s the controller's appearance is directly related to the 16-bit data bus, and seven addressing modes and the decreased instructions set, which allows a shorter, denser programming code for fast performance.

    The Range of Microcontroller is an IC chip that executes programs for controlling other device or machines. It is a micro-device which is used for control of other device machines that’s why it’s called Microcontrollers Programming.

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