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AVR Training Course – A Great Step Ahead To Know About Microcontrollers

Different Microcontrollers and their Applications

Different Microcontrollers and their Applications: The AVR microcontrollers are based on advanced RISC architecture. As well as, the ATmega32 is a low power of the CMOS 8-bit microcontroller based on the AVR will develop RISC architecture. AVR will execute 1 million instructions per second if its cycle frequency is 1MHz.

Different Microcontrollers and their Applications

A 8051 Microcontroller is one of the terms in Computer-on-a-Chip. It is not only the CPU but also I/O ports, RAM, Timer/Counter, ROM, Serial I/Os all are put together among the single microcontroller chip.

  • Consumer Electronics Products
  • Instrumentation and Process Control
  • Medical Instruments
  • Communication
  • Multimedia Application
  • Automobile

Microcontrollers are one of the task-specific and are mainly used for making the Embedded Systems. In fact, we need electronic automation as well as we use a microcontroller. The application area of microcontrollers is so huge, probably we won’t be able to finishing up listing them all.

AVR microcontrollers may obtainable into various three categories

They are

  • Tiny AVR
  • Mega AVR
  • Xmega AVR

Tiny AVR: As a matter of fact, the microcontroller contains Less memory, minimum in size, apt only for simpler applications.

Mega AVR: In this microcontroller the most popular ones having a perfect amount of memory up to 256KB, and fit among the modest to difficult applications.

Xmega AVR:This microcontroller is utilized commercially for compound applications, which requires large program memory and also high speed.

Importance of AVR Microcontroller

In order to, AVR Training Course executes most of the instructions in a single execution cycle. We know that AVRs is 4 times faster than the PICs, it will consume less power and it will operate into several power-saving modes. Let us do a comparison between the three most commonly used families of the microcontrollers.

Especially, AVR is the 8-bit microcontroller belonging to the family of the reduced instruction set computer (RISC). In this RISC architecture, the instruction set of the computer may not fewer in a number. But also it is simpler and faster in the operation.

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