RTOS Certified Course - A Guide To Know More About Embedded System
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RTOS Certified Course – A Guide to Know More about the Future Embedded System

RTOS Certified Course

First of all, what is RTOS Certified Course? RTOS stands for a real-time operating system. This intends to facilitate applications of real-time and in data processing. Usually, the fundamental features of the RTOS are the consistency level to concern the time it holds to finish the tasks of the certain application.

In comparison, the soft RTOS has more jitter than hard RTOS. To mention that, this utilizes the exclusive algorithms for scheduling purposes. Usually, the application of narrow set uses this type of OS.


Customarily, it has numerous features and functionalities to perform that makes applications to run in that systems. Usually, this does not guarantee for high throughput but has its unique functions in hard and soft categories. As a matter of fact, this can meet the deadline in soft RTOS, and it considers as a hard RTOS.

Specifically, the pros of this operating system are it has latencies of both interrupt and thread switching minimally. It has the unique characteristic that it can perform the large amount of work in a given particular period. Therefore, it is the best-operating systems for the applications.

Designing and Scheduling

Specifically, in designing, it is two common features of event-driven and time sharing. Usually, this event-driven switch the tasks only the higher priorities are in need of services. This also considers as a preemptive priority or scheduling of priority. In the same way, time-sharing switches to the regular interrupt for the events and consider as round robin.

Typically, this scheduling is for the specific three tasks. The states are the implementation of the central processing unit, preparing for the execution and to monitors the input-output configurations. As a matter of fact, this designing and scheduling have its major part in the real-time OS.

Memory Allocation

Comparatively, it is more crucial real-time operating system rather than the other OS. There are no memory leaks. In fact, the device works indefinitely without the need of the reboot. For this purpose, dynamic malloc is the frown. The memory fragmentation is the solution that avoids the dynamic malloc.

These allocations are much useful to interfaces as Linux internals operating systems. Apart from this, this RTOS has many algorithms for scheduling purposes. Few of the vital approaches are cooperative and preemptive scheduling and approach of earliest deadline first.

What You Gain?

Because of trying this RTOS certified course, one can become experts in the following process

  • Understanding of RTOS concepts
  • Understanding of RTOS environment
  • Eligible to embedded industries job
  • Working knowledge of RTOS API’s
  • Application Development in RTOS through hardware components.

Similarly, the TCP/IP training courses also help one to gain the knowledge about the interfacing operating systems. Usually, the purpose of OS is the interface between the users. Likewise, RTOS provides the interface and helps the users to develop new applications to relate this this real-time OS.


To become an expert in this fields. One should have the necessary knowledge in some computer programming languages such as C programming. Additionally, learning about some familiar concepts of embedded systems. Rather than this, the ideas about the hardware components are also essential such as the STM32 Board. These are some prerequisites that helps one to grow into a well-versed person in this field.

As a result of, a RTOS certified course helps one to handle all kind of operating systems and improves the know lodge in both hardware and software concepts.

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