Raspberry Pi Specifications For Your Educational Value
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July 23, 2020
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Iot Cloud Technology
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July 23, 2020
Application Of Embedded Systems
Top Real-Time Embedded System Certification Courses That Equip Career with Vast Roles
July 23, 2020

Why is Raspberry Pi Training Essential to Improve Your Educational Value?

Raspberry Pi Specifications

Raspberry Pi Specifications: Generally. Many peoples are confused about Raspberry Pi Techniques and its processes. Here is an exceptional solution to your confusions. The Raspberry Pi is a sole computer board with credit card size that can be useful for several responsibilities that your computer performs like games. Word processing, and spreadsheets. Specifically, This Raspberry Pi Course Offers one to know about all these Raspberry Pi techniques, models, concepts, processes, concepts and applications that help you to increase your knowledge and also the educational value.


Usually, the raspberry pi originates in two models, and they are model A and model B. The main variance among model A and model B is the USB port. Model, A board, will ingest less power, and it will not embrace an Ethernet port. But, the model B board comprises an Ethernet port. The raspberry pi originates with a group of open source technologies, i.e., e-mail and software web technologies.

Hardware Specifications

Customarily, this board covers a program memory (RAM), CPU, Ethernet port, processor, and graphics chip, GPU, GPIO pins, power source connector, XBee socket, UART, and many interfaces for other exterior devices. Additionally, necessary hardware specifications of the raspberry pi board chiefly contain SD card comprising Linux OS, monitor, video cable, US keyboard, and power supply. Elective hardware stipulations include internet connection, powered SB hub, USB mouse, the Model A or B: USB Wi-Fi adaptor is used, and LAN connection is the model.

1) Memory

Usually, the raspberry pi this model onboard is planned with 256MB of SDRAM and model B is intended with 51MB. Raspberry Pi is a small size PC relate with other PCs. The traditional PCs RAM is accessible in gigabytes. But in the raspberry pi board, the RAM is existing more than 256MB or 512MB.

2) Central Processing Unit

Generally, the brain of the Raspberry Pi board is the CPU, and that is in charge of booming out the commands of the computer via logical and mathematical processes. Additionally, the raspberry pi practices ARM11 at ARM Training series processor to mark the manner better.

3) Graphics Processing Unit

First of all, the GPU is a particular chip in the board, and that is intended to speed up the actions of calculating the images. This board planned with a Broadcom video core IV and it maintains the OpenGL.

4) Ethernet Port

The Ethernet port is the central access for communicating with additional devices. This is much helpful to plug your home router to habit the internet.

5) GPIO Pins

Generally, the general purpose input & output pins are used in the kit to ordinate with other electronic boards. Through programming, these pins able to access input and output commands. In the same way, it gives digital GPIO pin to connect electronic components. For example, you can link it to the temperature sensor to spread digital data.

6) XBee Socket

Specifically, this is for the wireless communication purpose in this board.

7) Power Source Connector

The power source cable is a momentary switch that is situated on the cross of the guard. The central persistence of the power source connector is to permit an external power source.


To point out, the Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter is a serial input & output port. Specifically, it is useful to relocate the serial data in the text form, and it is beneficial for renovating the debugging code.

9) Display

In general, the assembly selections of the raspberry board are two types such as HDMI and Compound. Several LCD and HD TV monitors can attach via a low-cost adaptor and HDMI male cable. The versions of HDMI are 1.3 and 1.4 are maintained, and 1.4 version cable is suggested. The outputs of the audio and video in Raspberry Pi through HMDI, do not sustenance HDMI input.

10) Applications

Generally, the raspberry pi boards are utilizing in several forms like Tablet computer, Media Streamer, Home automation, Arcade machine, Carputer, Controlling robots, Internet radio, hunting for meteorites, Cosmic Computer, and also in projects on the raspberry pi.

Basically, this Raspberry Pi Training offers knowledge about all these processes, concepts, techniques and applications that improve student’s hardware ability and increase their grade level in education.

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