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Top 5 Microcontroller Courses Training with Certification

The Microcontroller played a revolutionary role in the embedded industry after the invention of Microcontroller courses training. This field’s ongoing and progressive research gave the industry more efficient, high-performance, and low-power consumption microcontrollers. The AVR, PIC, and ARM are prime examples of this.

The new-age microcontrollers are getting smarter and richer by including the latest communication protocols like USB, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, CAN, etc. At the end of the course, students can work as System design engineers and embedded engineers with good knowledge by Microcontroller course training.

1.Microcontroller with C Programming Language

This is a laboratory-based course, in which every session and class will lead directly to the hands-on laboratory assignment so that you can experience real-life scenarios of using a Microcontroller. Even if you’re a beginner to the Microcontroller courses training, you can learn everything from scratch and then move on to some advanced concepts. Enrolling in this course will help you learn C programming language, advanced microcontroller peripherals, and how to build blocks for your electronic systems. The instructor of the course, Mark M Budnik, will assist you during the course and provide an instant solution for all your problems related to the course and the Microcontroller.

2.Arm Cortex M Microcontroller DMA Programming 

This microcontroller courses training focuses on demystifying the Microcontroller DMA controller internals and their programming with different peripherals. If you’re already in the field of Embedded Systems and programming, then this program is an ideal choice for you. This course will help you learn about the Multi AHB bus matrix and ARM Cortex M Bus interfaces, MCU Master and Slave communication over bus matrix, DMA different transfer modes like M2P, P2M, M2M, etc.

3.Microcontroller for the Internet of Things 

Individuals who are interested in learning the use of a microcontroller for IoT can take help from this course. It will guide you to the fascinating world of internet-enabled microcontrollers with the Arduino platform. You will start with learning the fundamentals of Arduino programming and then build expertise in Analog/Digital input & output and other essential topics required for prototype electronic devices. You will also gain experience programming the ESP8266 to scan and connect to pre-existing Wi-Fi networks or create its network as an access point. The course is designed by Thomas Tongue, who will guide you to every step of learning during the course.

4.AVR Microcontroller CoursesTraining

AVR Microcontroller Training has been premeditated as per the newest industry standards and custody in mind the superior AVR Microcontroller courses training content and curriculum based on the technical necessity of the student, serving them to get placement in Multinational companies and attain their professional goals. It is the largest AVR Microcontroller training hub with elevated tech infrastructure, lab facilities, and the option of opting for numerous courses. 

5.MSP Microcontroller Courses Training

MSP is one of the family members from Texas Instruments. This is a 16-bit CPU and RISC-based, Mixed-Signal Processor. In MSP Microcontroller courses training , the MSUs have the right mix of intelligent peripherals, easy to use, and have low power consumption for thousands of applications. In addition, the controller’s appearance is directly linked to the 16-bit data bus, seven addressing modes, and the decreased instruction set, providing a shorter and denser programming code for high-speed performance.

 Career Benefits Microcontroller Courses Training

  • An opportunity to work with the latest cutting-edge universal computing technologies.
  • Hired by pioneer organizations to work on cloud computing.
  • Paid internships and tremendous live projects are offered to become favorable candidates.
  • Increase your career growth and get hired in Automobile Companies through Embedded Programming.
  • Create a spectacular project for companies from an Electronics background.
  • An H1 visa to work in the States can be an added advantage.
  • Be a trainer for the Embedded System and instruct hundreds of eager learners. 
  • Work on embedded systems and automotive technology to create future vehicles.


As a result of reading about the embedded system training, placement, and recent companies, we learned that placements are a new phase of students’ life. It must be given utmost importance, where having the right skills plays a major role. A job makes an individual independent and positively impacts the immediate circle of people. However, becoming independent requires an individual to work towards it, especially in the competitive world. Elysium Embedded School has a complete ecosystem of courses. Mentors and placement companies that enable individuals to achieve that goal. Elysium Embedded School always stands with you and helps you to be the best. Are you ready for your best?

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