Types Of Protection Devices That Prevents From Electrical Damages
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List the Types of Protection Devices That Prevents from Electrical Damages

Protection Devices

Protection devices for electrical circuits undertake two main utilities such as consistency and protection. In this, Protection is assured via detaching power supply, and it is the overcurrent protection. To point out, various protection devices act as a protection agent and prevent us from many electrical damages. Generally, these devices remove fire hazards and electrocution.

Protection devices useful for the protection of circuits. Usually, this protection is from extreme voltage or current. To mention, circuit protections are the electrical device that prevents the devices from the flow of unnecessary currents as well as the short currents.

Natures of Protection Devices

Here are the some of the protection devices of the circuit.

  • Fuse
  • Circuit Breaker
  • PolySwitch
  • RCCB
  • Metal Oxide Varistor
  • Inrush Current Limiter
  • Gas Discharge Tube
  • Lighting Arrester


Among the all other protection devices of electrical circuit fuse has its unique purposes. It protects the current from overcurrent through its metal strip which is to liquefy the current when the flow is high. Nowadays, various categories are useful in various applications such as response time, breaking capacity, current ratings, and specific voltage. Hence, it is one of the vital things that are useful as protection devices.

Circuit Breaker

Specifically, stopping the flow of current when any fault occurs is the primary function of the circuit breaker. The major advantage of the circuit breaker is, it can work automatically to proceed the operations without any external support. Additionally, there are many categories of the circuit breaker, each one for its unique purposes. To point out, it practices semiconductors for the protection.


The passive electronic component and the resettable used to protect electronic circuit from mistakes of overcurrent. This device may also know as a poly fuse and multi fuse. It is applicable in various applications such as aerospace, computers and to mention, and the substitution is not a simple task.


The residual current circuit breaker (RCCB), a safety device that is to notice the issues in your power supplies then turns off it in 10-15 milliseconds to end the electric shock. Additionally, these devices are resettable as well as the testable apparatus. On the other hand, it is also known as a residual current device (RCD).

Inrush Current Limiter

Specifically, this type of electrical component arrests the flow of inrush current through avoiding frequent damages in the device and evade tripping circuit breakers and blowing fuses. Specifically, these thermistors are usually much grander to width kind thermistors, that is deliberately intended for power applications.

Metal Oxide Varistor

A Varistor or VDR (voltage dependent resistor) is an electronic component and the resistance of this is variable and be contingent on the working voltage. The term Varistor has been taken from the variable resistor. The supreme recurrent type of voltage-dependent resistor is the MOV (metal oxide Varistor).

Gas Discharge Tube

A gas discharge tube or gas-filled tube is a group of electrodes in gas inside a temperature resistant cover and sequestering. Even though the cover is typically glass, power tubes recurrently hire ceramics, as well as military tubes habitually service glass wrinkled metal.

Lighting Arrester

This is the specialized protection device that is much helpful to manage the current flow and arrests the unwanted flow in the circuit. As a result, all these protection devices are the best protection agent to the circuit.

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