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Learn Some Advanced Technology – Future Trends of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Trends: It is the type of interactive, reality-based display environment which takes the capabilities of computer generated display, sound, text, and effects to enhance the user's real-world experience. In fact, it combines computer-based scenes and images to provide a unified but enhanced view of the world. It has several implementation models and applications, but its primary objective is to provide a rich audiovisual experience. Since, Augmented Reality works by employing computerized techniques such as animation, hand-held devices, powered display environments, image and speech recognition to add a virtual display on top of real images and surroundings.

List of Augmented Reality Trends

Here, the list of future trends in augmented reality such as

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Rise of Mobile Web AR
  • Hardware will become more powerful
  • Extended Reality

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is essential for the operations of augmented reality. It allows objects to be labeled and identified in the viewer's visual point of view. Many social media applications which we are using today are developed with the combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Rise of Mobile Web AR: There is a number of brands which are interested in augmented reality technology but they cannot invest in the mobile app. They can resort to social media applications with AR features. Here rich and immersive AR experience, it can be delivered to mobile web pages, then the business can reach their customers.

Hardware Will Become More Powerful: Augmented reality hardware and especially smart glasses need deep pockets, long term commitment to innovation and to the customers. The demand and the supply for the hardware are not easy to maintain. However, it will be vital for the companies planning an investment in AR to enhance that their solutions can work and adapt with various devices considering whatever changes hit the market.

Extended Reality (XR): The alphabet ’X’ in the abbreviation of extended reality represents all of the above letters. Extended reality is a form in which we will alter reality digitally. However, XR comprises of virtual reality, augmented reality and mind reality. These realities are unique in their origins and purposes. Hence, this is one of the top augmented reality trends.


In the final analysis, looking at the market status and current trend in Embedded Systems, it is believed that AR technology will break the stereotypes and create a huge space for itself in the global market.

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