Know The Reasons To Prefer Linux Than Other Operating System
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Know The Reasons To Prefer Linux Than Other OS


In older days, Linux was mainly used for servers and was not considered suitable for desktops. But its user interface and ease of use functions have been improving over the last few years. Today, it became user-friendly enough to place on desktops. It is an operating system like iOS and Windows. The main reasons behind the enormous increase in the popularity of this OS are considered the high tech security system of Linux Operating System. Linux is an open source operating system whose code can easily read out by the users. Yet, it is the most secure operating system when compared to other operating systems.

Why Prefer Linux OS?

High Security

Installing and using Linux OS on your system is the best way to avoid viruses. However, the security aspect was kept in mind when developing Linux and it is much less vulnerable to viruses compared to other operating systems. The reason for this higher level of security is that it is open source software and the source code is available for review. A massive number of developers all over the world have gone through the code, that means most of the flaws have already been discovered.


Maintaining this operating system is easy, as the user can update the OS and all software installed very easily. The variants of Linux have their own central software repository, which is utilize to update the system and keep it safe. In fact, it offers regular updates and the system can be updated without rebooting it. The updating can be done periodically, with just a few clicks, or users will automate the updating process. Updating in other operating system is not so easy compared to a Linux system.


To determine, Linux is completely free and users do not need to pay for anything. However, all the basic software required by a typical user and an advanced user are also available. Several educational software is available under Linux. As well as, the equivalent of professional software for desktop publishing, audio, video and photo editing are available. Businesses will use the software free of cost and reduce their budgets substantially.


As a matter of fact, it is more reliable when compared to other OS. It will rock with its top-notch design and built-in security resulting in un-parallel up-time. Developers are much active and release major updates from time to time. Traditionally, Unix-like systems are known for running for years without a single failure or having a situation which demands a restart. This is an essential factor particularly choosing a server system, object-oriented programming.

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