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IoT Job Roles: Internet of Things sector is booming these days. The total number of internet-connected devices in worldwide can reach nearly 8 billion. And, these connected devices will expect more than 25 billion by 2025. In fact, the connected homes, cars, offices, etc become mainstream. That’s why more IoT programmers are needed to enhance the devices to operate securely and properly.

Stages in Developing IoT Device

There are four stages in developing IoT devices such as

Programming device: It requires programming skills to read the data from the sensors. Those are connected on the Internet of Things devices and it sends them to the server.

Assembly of the physical hardware: It requires engineering skills. Usually, it is not completed by a developer. In fact, connected devices use pre-assembled boards connected to them.

Displaying data to the device user: It involves creating the website application page which will depict the collected data to the user. In fact, it requires web development skills of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL or another framework.

Programming the server which receives and store the data from the device: In that case, it requires the use of server-side languages such as PHP, ASP.Net or Node.js and database queries depends on MySQL or some other SQL derivative.

Tips to Break into a Career on Developing Connected Devices

  • Deep Sensor Knowledge
  • Focus on User Interface
  • Learn JavaScript and Python
  • Play with a Raspberry Pi
  • Keeps your cutting edge skills

Job Prospects and Career Options in IoT

IoT Job Roles are based on programming languages such as Big Data, Java, Dot Net, and Hadoop, etc. In fact, the job profile of an IoT techie consists of code implementation, data extraction, modeling of extracted data, managing files over the network, VPNs management, server management, etc. IoT jobs offer better career opportunities for engineers, designers, and also programmers. Especially, in the field such as healthcare, traffic control, information security, industrial automation, environment monitoring and so on.

IoT Job Roles

  • IoT Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Architect
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Robot Coordinator
  • Cloud Engineer
  • UI/UX Designer

Other IoT Job Profiles such as

  • Data Visualization Expert
  • Material Specialist
  • Programmer
  • Test Engineer
  • CAD Designer
  • Instrumentation Engineer


In the final analysis, the number of internet-connected things is growing exponentially bringing in new job roles and also career opportunities to those who are proficient in IoT technology. To be sure, it is opening up and taking this IoT training course can help to command top-dollar salaries. Elysium Embedded School provides a training course that helps to master knowledge. We deliver a career-oriented IoT training and certification course that helps to learn the complete aspects of the Internet of Things. In this IoT training course, you will learn IoT introduction, significance and developing IoT devices, sensors, IoT communication, and security. This course can help to be the IoT revolution part of the world. After the course completion, you will be well-versed in developing your own IoT devices and also you can be able to deploy this technology for communication and security.

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