IoT Career Opportunities: [Must Read] Ultimate Guide 2023
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#1 Best Microcontroller Training Course 
February 16, 2022
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#1 Best Microcontroller Training Course
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February 16, 2022
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November 22, 2022

IoT Career Opportunities: Ultimate Guide 2023

Introduction of IoT Career Opportunities

  • IoT is the Internet of Things, and this is one of the most desirable areas growing on the Internet. Scanning QR codes from the Mobile to make payments from your Bank Account
    • Then, the IoT, in layman’s terms, is to connect to the Internet and be capable of controlling or Monitoring activities in any Scenario, irrespective of your location. With 5G under development, the IoT jobs are foreseen to sell like flapjacks soon.
    • In this blog, we shall try to bending-down some of the different Career Prospects in this domain. For Full-fledged IoT techniques, inspect Great Learning’s IoT Certificate Course. Power ahead in your Career by understanding cutting-edge tech from IIT Madras and Great Learning with Mentor Training Sessions and Online Classes.

IoT Career Job Opportunities

In simple terms, data analytics is one of the Internet of Things jobs desired to define whatever data you organize using your IoT devices, which is otherwise just a bank of data. Therefore, this position is important in a firm as in this job; you should be very powerful in statistical knowledge & learning, able to find correlations, tabulate your determinations from data in a graphic visual and presentable manner and knowledgeable about performing with statistics-based languages like SAS, R as well as some Python libraries like Pandas, NumPy, etc. A Separate having all these talents is considered an Assets to a Company.

Network & Networking Structure

In the world of IoT, the H/W structure to deploy Solutions can get Complicated, and the Huge pieces of Wires & Sensors rigged up to different peripherals and piers donate majorly to this Complexness. If even a single wire/connection fails for some reason, the Machine may not work as desired or at all. Hence, this calls for the need for an N/W Architecture. Professionals specializing in Network setup and Networking would be needed to confirm that all the linkages work well. In short, employees in this domain must be able to create an efficient N/W architecture that is foolproof of inflexible of several wiring issues and follows all the communication protocols virtually. 


One of the core issues of the Internet is safeguarding the users from Hackers and Malicious Programs. Therefore one of the IoT Jobs is dedicated to securing your devices. Suppose this part of your IoT course solution is compromised, and a hacker gains the power to control one device. In that case, eventually, the network will not stand invulnerable anymore, and all your data is at risk. Professionals in this field are answerable for doing regular challenging & testing the system’s integrity with different Techniques, Finding and fixing Security flaws wherever the system fails and putting the whole IoT process using the IoT Device under a Smooth and Secured connection Bubble.

Hardware Devices

What makes a device ‘Smart’? It is just by connecting any device to a network. Well, it is more than that. Organizations need to modify their devices to fit the Work & Networks. Though it is mostly an integration of several Sensors and Transmitters, it is one of the Core Jobs in the IoT Industry. To fit for this IoT job, professionals must have the know-how they working with different Transmitters, Sensor Modules, integrators, and Protocols like Zigbee, BLE, raspberry pi course etc.; and keep themselves updated with working on new device/technology that enters the Mainstream.

User Interface

These IoT jobs seem easy to design, compared to their jobs mentioned above, but require a lot of Imagination as it is the UI that would sell your product in the Market. In addition, a regular customer may not understand all the device specifications via the embedded course. For example, there was a time when the Systems only performed on a black screen with the users using only the Command Terminal.

Sensors and Actuator Professional

 Your role would also be to stretch various tools and constantly pick the most optimum solution for any app. You would also be responsible for analyzing and staying updated with the industry and analyzing several Technologies. 

Embedded Programs Engineer

Another IoT job committed to H/W is the most crucial part of your IoT device since it handles the Control Code & S/W. As an Embedded School Programs Engineer, your task would be to design several PCBs that match the utility of the problem under thinking. Integrating S/W Engineering with non-computer devices and working closely with the hardware is the key role of the Embedded Programs engineer. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML Skills become essential when the task involves big data analysis and deriving findings. If you want to create Smart App over huge volumes of Data, Technologies mentioned in ML & AI help in the long run. Job searchers need to understand algorithms designed in ML and AI & different have a strong understanding of plotting libraries to represent data efficiently. 

To sum up, an IoT Developer

  1. To develop creative IoT mechanisms that help to monitor, execute, and perform self-diagnostic processes.
  2. Research, Test, build & document state-of-the-art IoT solutions with integrated electronics and firmware development.
  3. You should be well-versed in Embedded S/W architecture – prior experience working with UML use-case and class diagrams.
  4. To have work on tackling complex real-world problems.
  5. To be planned and work on tools to optimize the process.

Skills Required for an IoT Developer

  1. Consider practising coding with multiple programming languages like embedded-C/C++ and Python. 
  2. You should possess in-depth technical knowledge working with 32-bit ARM cortex M3/M4 controllers.
  3. Understanding the Linux-OS and its several file handling/ management processes and process control can help greatly.
  4. It would be best if you knew working with wireless stacks like Thread, BLE-Mesh, or Zigbee and expert pieces of knowledge in writing business logic on Embedded Environments using test-driven methodology on RTOS and Non-RTOS platforms.

IoT Training and Certification

You must know that certifications escalate your chances of being recruited by top companies. So, are you trying to build a career in IoT? Then, pursue an IoT training course provided by Embedded School. The IoT training course helps you acquire in-depth knowledge and skills of the booming Technology – the Internet of Things.

Undoubtedly, IoT has made our lives smarter and easy-going. The future of IoT is both bright as well as promising. Presently, the Internet of Things is developing the industrial and consumer world. By 2022, IoT is expected to be much more popular and in demand.

IoT as a Career in India

  • Career decisions require knowing the benefits and challenges of Technology. IoT is a technology that comprises electronic devices, users, and the Internet. Eying to the proceeding of India as a digital nation, IoT is receiving an equitable interest of popularity. Hence, one can say that the IoT career in India is bright.
  • The giant companies favour IoT technology because IoT promotes smarter and faster technological advancement. All thanks to the Internet of Things, companies collect data and analyze it to make better business decisions.
  • The increased surge in IoT devices has made the Internet of Things an ideal career in India. Because the data collected by the Internet of Things is properly studied, professionals in IoT can do this work. So, the demand for IoT professionals and experts is increasing. Simultaneously, IoT jobs salary India for freshers are also high.
  • The IoT Salary Study maintains in India that the Professionals in India is earned nearly 76% greater than that IT Professionals. Check out Great Learning’s in Embedded School -> IoT Courses and Certification Now!


IoT is a very rapidly growing field. The current IoT career opportunities could never be even imagined or thought them. Therefore various fields, as discussed above, can go either into the Design of the UI, security, Or the various Subsystems like sensors and embedded software. So the choices presented before you are endless.

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