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Acquire Complete Knowledge About Embedded Programming Course

How to Write Embedded C Program: An embedded system is developed for performing some specific tasks. In fact, it has a microcontroller and microprocessor. The system is devised to perform some special tasks and has its own software and hardware parts. Examples of the embedded system such as phones, digital cameras, automotive systems and so on.

How to Write Embedded C Program - Steps To Get Knowledge

Programming Language

The first step of learning Embedded C Course is to select a programming language. Your first stage is to know about all the options available and then choosing one from them based on your application and requirement. However, it can be programmed using both high level and low-level languages. Both languages have their own benefits. Assembly language is utilizing for low-level programming. For high-level programming, C is used mostly. Sophisticated systems make use of low-level programming languages.

C and C++

Another thing is to learn programming languages such as C and C++. Most embedded products are designed such that they support C language. In fact, this language is easy to learn and the best start for beginners. C language is readable and easy to debug. This language is efficient and it provides support for Input and Output devices. Hence, it is necessary to learn this language if you want to go for an embedded programming course.


The microcontroller is the crucial part, and it acts as a CPU of your embedded system. At the same time, it has RAM, ROM, and some other peripherals such as counters and timers, etc. Most commonly used microcontrollers are PIC microcontroller, 8051 Microcontroller, and Arduino, etc. Therefore, depending on your application, first select the microcontroller.

Equipment and Tools

For learning embedded programming, you will need some equipment and tools such as

  • Circuit boards
  • Jumper wires
  • Batteres
  • Resistors in ARM Training
  • Soldiering iron and
  • Digital multimeter


Choosing components is an essential part of acquiring knowledge about this programming. For each component, you have a several types to choose from. Since, it is vital to select the best one according to your application. Datasheets are available for each component. All information regarding a component can detect from its datasheet. Moreover, you can identify to use a component, what the specifications are and what are the power requirements from the datasheet.

Simulation Tools

Using simulation tools for your embedded system, programming is very useful. However, it allows the programmer to check for several conditions and to control various parameters. Even, it is most useful when working on huge projects where you have minimum resources and where trying things after developing the project is expensive.

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