Talenty Buds Helps To Learn The Power Of Electrical Skills
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How Talenty Buds Help Your Kids Learn the Power of Electrical Knowledge

Talenty buds is a certification course for school students are designed in a way to start from basic concepts and build as they learn. In fact, students build robots practically while learning the concepts and this gives the right mix of learning and fun, keeping them engaged throughout the course. Elysium Embedded School believes in providing practical knowledge to the students for learning STEM subjects.

Talenty Buds

The purpose of this Talenty Buds course is to introduce the fundamental concepts of Robotics. This course will involve students in the development, building and programming the robot. While building the robot students can learn the basic electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors. The students will gain practical experience while working on a robotics kit. Moreover, students are not just building robots, but something greater passion for robotics coupled with the knowledge and confidence to take on the world with their self-made machines.

Talenty Buds for School Students

Talenty buds consist of two types of courses such as Robotronics and Nenotronics.

Robotronics: Robotronics program is exclusively for school students from Class 4 to 7 which aims at teaching from basics of Electronics with a very strong and fun hands-on experience by building Robots.

Nenotronics: While Nenotronics program is for school students from Class 8 to 12 which aims at teaching from concepts of Electronics with the latest emerging technologies to build an advanced level of robots.

Why Robotics for school students?

In today’s fast-moving world with continuous improvements in technologies and innovations, a STEM education becomes crucial and essential for school students. Teaching robotics has innumerable benefits, not only to STEM fields but to child development and learning growth.

Here some of the benefits such as

  • Children find it fun
  • An effective way of introducing programming to students
  • Provides skills useful in future employment
  • Demystifies a complex technology
  • It helps the students to know their strengths, weakness, and passion
  • Help the students to enhance teamwork and co-operative skills

At the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation for building Robots and debugging codes is fun and easy, when you have to do it with robots. Finally, you will explore the intelligence of robots with our Talenty Buds.

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