7 Emerging RPA Trends 2021
Impact Of Robotics
Impacts of Robotics in Future
April 1, 2021
Robotics Predictions In 2021
Best 7 Robotics Predictions in 2021
May 6, 2021
Impact Of Robotics
Impacts of Robotics in Future
April 1, 2021
Robotics Predictions In 2021
Best 7 Robotics Predictions in 2021
May 6, 2021

A trend is something that is popular and prevalent at a specific time. Here, we provide you the various RPA trends in 2021. Before that, let us have a quick look into the basic concepts related to this RPA.

What is RPA?

RPA is expanded as Robotic Process Automation. As the name suggest, it makes it simple to construct, deploy and handle software robots which imitate human actions for interactions with the software and digital systems. Software robots (SR) has the ability to perform actions like humans. They can recognize what is displayed on a computer screen, identify data and extract it, accomplish the correct keystrokes, navigate systems as well as perform various defined actions. The main advantage is that these robots can accomplish tasks faster than humans without getting tired. Apart from this, there are various merits of RPA. It is discussed here.


RPA works efficient with the regular and rule based tasks that need manual inputs. These software robots utilize user interface of other application. Thus, few modifications (when needed) are enough for executing the automation. The significant benefits of RPA are listed and explain here.

Minimum cost

As the tasks are automated, it reduces costs and saves it. The cost of a SR is also less when compared to an employee working full time. Thus, this is an added advantage.

Reduces the operational risk

SR can be used as an alternative for humans as it eliminate errors of humans like insufficient knowledge or tiredness. Thus, the RPA lowers the error rate and performs operation efficiently.

Enhancing the Customer – experience

Deployment of RPA liberates resources of high value to be positioned on the frond-end thereby assuring the corresponding customer success.

No need for replacing the Existing Systems (ES)

The major merit of utilizing RPA or virtual workforce is it removes the need for replacing the ES. This is because, RPA has the ability to control your ES like a human employee.

Enhance the internal processes

The RPA has the ability to permit internal reporting and other internal processes faster.

On the other hand, RPA has various applications.


The most general RPA applications are explored here.

P-T-P (Procure To Pay)

It involves the process of invoice extraction as well as Payment Data (PD) from numerous networks like vendors, banks and so on. These networks do not typically afford easy integration techniques. Generally, they include manual labour for completing the tasks. Hence, RPA bots can be utilized as an alternative for this manual labour.

Q-T-C (Quote-To-Cash)

It is taken as a significant business process as it enhances the organization’s revenue. It usually rely on selling. When there occurs any operational problem in selling, it results in customer complaints. At times, organizations sell at minimum cost because of clerical issues. Thus, automating these processes minimizes errors thereby affording fast customer service.

On-boarding of employee

The process involved in new employee on-boarding consumes time and is also labour intensive for IT and HR analysts. This process involves various steps like new account creation, access right and so on. Due to the repetitive and rule base on-boarding activities of the employee, this process can be automated by employing a pre-defined flow when a new employee account is initiated. The RPA can also be utilized to send documents as well as notifications through email to the new workers.

On-boarding of customer

As many Business to Consumer (B2C) organizations are pursuing on-boarding process for customer, they have to maintain good contact with their clients to motivate them to utilize their products. Thus, Optical Character Reader and Cognitive Automation can be utilized to easily on-board the customer tasks.

Validating data

RPA is highly applicable than other tools for validating data like checking the source data in terms of quality and accuracy prior to import, use or data processing. The main aim is data creation that is accurate, complete and consistent. This will prevent error as well as data loss.

Data extraction from other formats

OCR, Pattern recognition and screen scrapping can help to extract data from numerous formats like PDF, scanned document and so on. This will minimize the need for manual data inputting.

Mass e-mail generation

When there occurs a need to send frequent mass emails, RPA is a great choice to automate this process.

Preparation of Periodic report

Employees generally need to make a report to inform their managers about their regular work. Thus, preparing these reports as well as sending them to the respect managers might distract the employees. Thus, RPA can used to resolve this. It can be employed to generate reports automatically, analyze the contents. After this process, it emails them to the pertinent managers.

The 7 emerging RPA trends in 2021 are discussed here

RPA will turn out to be the new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The organizations contributing to the counselling based on auditing and global system integrators will find the chance afforded by the RPA to solve the needs of customer. This same thing occurred with ERP in 90s. Thus, RPA will be seen as an effective technology to satisfy this function in 2021.

Adapting automation market to remote work

The shift for remote work is a measure employed on a huge scale among the safety measures intended to ensure the health of the population in the epidemic situation. Thus, there occurs a transition for a gig based working. Thus, digitization can make this easy. The SR improved with the Artificial Intelligence capabilities are highly appropriate for back and front office tasks that makes the staff to effective utilize their time of working from home. It also helps to concentrate on actual projects that can assist businesses succeed in these hard times. RPA bots can handle status updates, meeting links and so on. Hence, the stream-line remote based work continues effectively.

RPA will advance the IT associated areas

This is another RPA trend in 2021. It equates the RPA with the IT influence in the business world. RPA has become a renowned technique to enhance the business productivity. As its adoption rate enhances, many organizations find its merits across various business departments and processes. The business leaders are also progressing from the viewpoint that the RPA Course is essentially linked to the IT teams.

A right option for business goals

The RPA tools are becoming accessible due to the industry growth. Currently, there exists about hundred and fifty vendors with their specific platforms and variation in accordance with the general strategy to design quality, automation and so on. Selecting the effective RPA tool among many might be complex for several companies who plan to initiate their journey in automation. Hence, there occurs a crucial requirement to effectively classify the various types of software robots. Thus, RPA serves as a right option to accomplish business goals.

Eliminates the Paper Work

RPA is an automation process (data driven) that aids companies to oversee the monotonous tasks, exercises as well as minimize the duties (time consuming) as performed by people. As automation is rapidly evolving, the robots have the ability to re-skill the humans work effectively and efficiently. There will also be huge application of RPA models in the automation-market by 2025 with pre-defined functionalities to automate several paperwork.

Reliance on robots (Work from home)

The work from home changes the employment (full time) to gig based working. Moreover, the companies are envisaging an approach of robot for individual. This will be made real shortly. The individuals will also have their digital assistants or robotic course in the near future. In accordance with this, the RPA trade will change to assist this persisting shift to the working models (remote).

RPA in automation

Thus, due to various applications of RPA, it will be the efficient choice of automation in future. You might have got various information about the basic concepts of RPA along with its trends.

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