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Elysium Certified Embedded Associate (ECEA) includes the courses like Basic Electronics, Embedded System, Embedded C, PIC, ARM, Arduino, AVR, 8051, MSP, Raspberry Pi, Python Programming and RTOS. Nowadays all electronic products are an embedded way. Embedded is computer hardware with software embedded in it.

This ECEA course will provide the concept of how to design, develop and testing electrical equipment such as circuits, signal processing, and microelectronics and microcontrollers, networks.

EES provides Elysium Certified Embedded Associate (ECEA) certification course for starters who interested in electronics to gain the knowledge and also provide 100% placement assurance.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with ECEA

  • Due to high demand of embedded engineers, the infinite jobs are waiting for the talented and skilled candidates
  • Most companies are looking for an engineer to lead the design and implementation for various embedded system
  • Embedded associate engineer is the most demand sectors in the field of engineering
  • Future of embedded engineer will certainly provide a range of opportunities for professionals entering the field

Course Outline


Months Course

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Microcontroller
  3. Embedded C
  4. PIC
  5. ARM
  7. AVR
  8. 8051
  9. MSP
  10. Raspberry Pi
  11. Python programming
  12. RTOS

Pre-Requirement Skills

C Basics

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