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Robotics Core Level

Robotics Core Level


Robotics core level products are becoming a reality. This paper describes three core technologies that enable the next generation of service robots. They are low-cost, make use of low-cost hardware, and prepare for a short time-to-market for product development. Dynamic control for the execution of tasks that involve physical or non-physical interaction with the environment, including visual tracking, grasping and kinesthetic interaction.

Design and implementation, of a behavior-based robot control architecture that will incorporate adaptation and developmental learning modules on different levels of abstraction, including both symbolic and sub-symbolic layers, enabling the system to optimize control policies on the fly.

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What You Will Learn

Career Opportunities Associated with Robotics Core Level

  • Robotics is the new generation attraction in the field of technology and is the most demanding and promising career choice available
  • In today’s fast-moving world with continuous improvements in new innovations and technologies, it became critical and important to provide STEM education
  • Robotic engineering has a wide opportunity in future prospects that benefit the young generation to select Robotics as a career
  • A career in robotics has been always gratifying, it will give your career in technology-driven industry and at the same time in society by introducing inventions which ensure human life

Course Outline


Days Course

1Robotics Beginner Level
  1. Introduction to Robotics field
  2. Main Components of Robots
  3. Basic Electronics
  4. Motor
  5. Motor driver L293D IC concept
  6. IR Sensor Concept
  7. Assembling of Robot
  8. Line follower concept
  9. Obstacle Avoider concept
  10. Obstacle Follower concept
  11. Pit Avoider concept

Pre-Requirement Skills

C Basics